Create Your Own Restaurant At Home With SUNPRIDE FOODS

There are things that we can't control even if our city is on Level 3 GCQ category now. Though some restaurants are open and ready to serve dine-in, people are still hesitant to go out of their houses. So why not make your own restaurant at home with SUNPRIDE FOOD.

Yes, you've heard it right! Sunpride Food Inc., a fully integrated meat processor with operations covering slaughtering and preparation, all the way to the production of fresh frozen pork, frozen processed meats, canned products and mixes.

Last October 27, I've attended a zoom meeting called, COOK WITH PRIDE, HOME COOKING WITH SUNPRIDE with the renowned Celebrity Chef Myke "Tatung" Sarthou organized by Sunpride. The event began with Chef Tatung show stopper recipes,  #sunpridefood CORNER BEEF wrap in Turks, followed with #sunpridefood BACON and #sunpridefood LONGGANISA, HAM & BACON ala fiesta carbonara.

It's an online cooking demo, part of Sunpride's 50th year anniversary celebration.

Watch Online Cooking Demo HERE


Easy to cook plus it's healthy and budget-friendly recipe. I'm sure you will love this recipes prepared for us by Chef Tatung and Sunpride.

You can also prepare this for Noche Buena and New Year!

SUNPRIDE Corner Beef Turks

Shrimp, Chicken Breast, and Mushroom wrap in SUNPRIDE Bacon

SUNPRIDE Longganisa, Ham & Bacon la Fiesta Carbonara

This simple, practical, and doable recipes touted as Sunpride's anniversary culinary creations in line with the company's vision and mission of giving Filipinos delectable yet affordable meal ideas for the whole family to love and appreciate.

Let's create a restaurant dining experience in our own home using SUNPRIDE FOODS.

Again, Happy 50th year anniversary and Daghang Salamat Sunpride Foods, Inc.


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