An Excellent Fusion Restaurant: Out of Nowhere Kitchen Torres #OONowhere #AGemNotHidden

Right next to a very busy place on Torres Street and Mabini Extension Road at the edge of Voyager Street is a fusion restaurant, a gem not hidden named OUT OF NOWHERE KITCHEN TORRES.

#TeamDDI were invited to visit #OONowhere Torres. This is the time wherein Bloggers, Vloggers and Media people gather together and begin to jaunts a short journey to food pleasure.

We were greeted with wide gourmet delights plus to try their new dishes (that you can't miss).


Fried chicken wings tossed with sweet butter sauce served with hot & spicy chicken sauce and blue cheese dressing on the side


Fresh tomato soup served with grilled cheese sandwich


Mixed seafood with sundried tomato puree sauce served in sizzling plate


Fresh grilled scallops with butter garlic sauce with assorted cheese on top served with parmesan corn 


Stewed meat sauce in red wine with fresh tomato on parpadelli pasta with focaccia bread on the side

WARNING! The scorching hot chicken
(Spiciest in Mindanao) 


Fried chicken wings with 3 kinds of chili. Composed of native local chilli, ghost chilli, and Carolina reaper in honey garlic sauce.

Note: They have this promo "THE SPICY CHICKEN WINGS CHALLENGE", brave challengers must finish the 6pcs chicken wings within 8 minutes and you win a Gift Certificate worth PHp300+ and you get your photo uploaded in the OONowhere Hall Of Fame. 

Their menu are very interesting. Portion of food served to us are extravagant.

Grilled Chicken

Pasta & Sandwiches

OON Big Guns


Big size big rib grilled in special beef BBQ sauce and served with rice and buttered corn



Flattened Chicken





Our mouth-watering entree of Grilled Scallops with butter garlic sauce with assorted cheese on top served with parmesan corn is so good. It has a tender scallops, very delicious flavor and that Parmesan corn were flavorsome with a lovely piquant after taste.

Another entree that I would loved to recommend is the Chili Con Nachos, so perfectly delicious! You will love the explosion of the nacho chips dip in to the tartar sauce and combine it with a tangy mango salsa.

Having been seduced by the entree, we proceeded to the main course which consisted of Jurassic Ribs, OON Mixed Seafood, Buffalo Wings, Flattened Chicken and Grilled Chicken. All I can say, this was the most sumptuous main meal this year. Generous serving of the Pasta & Sandwiches, the Soups was totally tasty, tempting, tangy and terrific! For the Flattened Chicken served with rice, the flavors were wonderful and superb especially the Chicken Milano.

The Spicy Chicken Wings claimed to be the spiciest in Mindanao is a must try!

Out of Nowhere is also known for their dessert in fact it is always part of their normal menu. The sticky chocolate Jardine Roca is one of my favorite followed by Jarvis and Pistachio Malibu though their best-seller is the Mango Snow. We've taste it all as a nice surprise to an amazing meal and was enjoyed by most members.


The service was great and again it was nice to have an area to ourselves as we are ever noisy. Hahahaha. Much thanks to the franchise owner Mr. Jico Haw.


We would thoroughly recommend that if you are looking for a good fusion restaurant.

Instagrammable place and Muslim friendly (they don't serve pork dishes).

This place is good for brunch, they are open from Monday-Sunday, 10:30am to 10pm.

They also have function rooms for big gathering or meetups:

12pax  PHp3500/3hrs extend 500/hr
24pax PHp7000/3hrs extend 1000/hr
36pax PHp10000/3hrs extend 1500/hr
48pax PHp13000/3hrs extend 2000/hr
60pax PHp16000/3hrs extend 2500/hr

For reservation: Contact Number (0905) 246 6757
or FB Message them @OONTorres

It's really hidden (literally speaking) in the heart of Torres Street and Mabini Extension. You would not notice that there is a restaurant located at Macville Bldg. Voyager street (the street in between Star Hotel and Nanay Bebeng) near Davao City National High School. But if you find this place and taste their food, I'm sure this place will not be hidden anymore!

#AGemNotHidden #OONowhere