Davao Online Ordering Ready For The Holidays

Wow, I can't believe it, we're less than a month away from Christmas 🎅. Holiday season here in the Philippines starts with BER months and as usual people are very busy by this month, but for the past year and this year is different because of the pandemic. Well, it doesn't mean we should celebrate these festive occasions without a proper feast.

Lately, I found myself taking a break from cooking. I don't know, I just got tired doing kitchen duties. My mother turns 79 years old, and she was my idol in cooking. She also got tired and I told here, why not we start ordering online for our food. There's no shame in ordering online, it's now the normal way of living, right? ☺️ So, we list different home owned local food store who render their service in a different food dishes for the holidays:


This Bilao ni Lola is a medium size Bilao with pancit canton guisado and cordon bleu. They have many Bilao food options available, as well as Food Tray Package.

HOW TO ORDER: This Bilao Medium Size with Pancit Guisado and Cordon Bleu (P799) plus delivery fee will depend on your location.  Just send a message on their Facebook Page.


Why Kakanin is so famous in the Philippines?  Because these delicacies remind us of simple life. It's comforting to eat, especially with coffee, softdrinks, etc. And its a constant presence during celebration and special occasions.

HOW TO ORDER: At KAKANIN IN A BOX, they added Lumpia and Empanadas aside from Puto Cheese and Palitaw (P499). For delivery fee, depends on your location. Visit KAKANIN IN A BOX Facebook Page or call the numbers posted in my video.



Gina's Gift - Empanada & Kakanin is famous of their empanada. But I order their famous "Choosy Bilao", because I got to read the reviews that they serve delicious kakanin too!

Choose your own kakanin in 1 Bilao (you need to select 4 kakanin they offer):

  1. Kutsinta
  2. Puto Flan
  3. Puto Cheese
  4. Yema Palitaw (A must try!)
  5. Plain Palitaw 
  6. Cassava Cake (highly recommended)
  7. Pichi Pichi
  8. Biko
  9. Sapin Sapin

HOW TO ORDER: I choose BIKO, CASSAVA CAKE, SAPIN SAPIN and now my favourite YEMA PALITAW (P499) good for 6-10 people. Available for PRE-ORDERS, DELIVERY or WALK-INS (until supply last). Direct Message Gina's Gift - Empanada & Kakanin Facebook Page.

That's it for now, maybe I have to make Part 2 of this post, to give you more ideas, or you can message me if you want help promoting your food store (for free), just share your dishes and who knows what the rest of the community will say about your food.