Lotus Biscoff: Anytime...Anywhere

It was in 2016 that someone introduced LOTUS BISCOFF to me during an event here in Davao City. From then on, it's one of my favourite snacks.

A Little About Lotus Biscoff

It started in 1932 in a local bakery in Lembeke, a Belgian town. The unique recipe is made to perfection with carefully selected natural ingredients. Today, Lotus Bakeries is still family-owned and based on its home town. And from here,  the tastiest cookie continues to conquer the world.

The Secrets Of Lotus Biscoff?

The word 'Biscoff' come from the word BISCUIT & COFFEE. That's why its unique flavour, its crunchy bite and its iconic shape become one of its signature that conquer the heart of everyone all around the world. On top of that, it's perfectly match with coffee.

However, this biscoff is above all an irresistible treat on its own. You can pair it with a tea, milk tea, ice cream, chocolate drink, banana with Crumpy hazelnut spread for dessert and oatmeal for breakfast.

Lotus Biscoff pair with hot chocolate drink

Lotus Biscoff sprinkled on my Oatmeal top with banana.

Lotus Biscoff pair with Rooibos Tea

Lotus Biscoff sprinkled on my Banana with Crumpy hazelnut spread for dessert. 

And a must try Lotus Biscoff match with TAHO! Yes, Taho, the Philippine milk tea version.

Lotus Biscoff and Taho

A match made from heaven indeed. This unlikely combination of two has been popping in my head, what made them so perfect for me. TAHO is made from fresh soft and silken tofu, arnibal, and sago pearls, plus added with nangka that smell like pineapple and banana, it has a mild taste and meat-like texture. While the lotus biscoff is a caramelized biscuit made from natural ingredients. Though it's perfectly paired with a coffee, well, why not make it more appealing for the kids and for the kids at heart, like this great match that I'm sure everyone will surely love.

SemBreak! #kdrama marathon with Lotus Biscoff and Taho

Amazing how this little cookie gives a big impression that no one can resist the unique taste and delicious crunchiness of Lotus Biscoff. So, for this coming Christmas season make a great gift for yourself or someone you know who loves biscoff. It's available online and to all leading supermarkets.  

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