Bread Shack: A Pop-Up Bakery in Davao City

Do you know that there's a place where breads are baked in a different way? And I really appreciate how cute and artsy the area is. The Bread Shack located at the City Hall Drive, Davao City, a new place where you can feed your senses with lots of sweet vibe all year round.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching and thinking for "pasalubong" for your family and friends, this bread is a feast for the eyes indeed. The smell of fresh baked breads will surely make you crave for more, especially their delectable bread itself is a treat for the rumbling tummies! The place is also nice to hang out, but due to pandemic certain protocols are followed.

I just passed by on their new location, as I have an appointment at Sanggunian Panglungsod and decided to go inside to check what kind of bread they offer in the market that people keep on coming back. BTW,  I learned about the Bread Shack through social media in their old location at the Pryce Business Park, Bajada branch.

Now, a few minutes walk away from our home and I can reach my destination in no time. The Bread Shack itself is a pop-up bake house where they serve all kinds of fluffy bread, the like of Fluff Cheese and Fluff Ube-Cheese, these two are always on the top list of their bestsellers.

I order their P299 with 12 Fluff Classic Assorted Rolls plus added their famous Classic Kopi Bun for take out. And because I also love to eat their Fluff Mango Roll, so I ate it while I'm waiting for my take out.

Photo credit to BREAD SHACK

I was entertained by how consistent the interiors, from the color preference which is yellow and orange, it is very inviting from the outside to the inside, they also have a friendly staffs that answer your queries.

Just before I went out, looking around the whole place, I can sense that this bread cafe will last longer, because the location was great and very accessible. It has a great parking space also and very near to offices and residential spaces.

They also serve Kopi Bun and milk tea. I haven't tried their milk tea, but it was nice to have some refreshments after. I bought some bread for take out and it was so good. I'm not a fan of breads, because of my GERD, but I can't resist to taste it all, from the smell I know that this fluff bread taste very good, the density and tenderness, it was perfectly baked!

It's worth to visit, because like what I mention before, it is near to our house and it's in the heart of the city downtown. Overall, about their Fluff bread, it's super yummy for me. I super love their Fluff Mango Roll, it's like a mango float in a bread and also their Durian Roll.

That's it! I'm going to post my TikTok video here, to sum up my Bread Shack experience. Hope you enjoy this feature post I have for this month of September. Comment below if you have questions and I would love to read all your thoughts about BREAD SHACK.

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