DRIPTEA: The Overdose Milktea

With its delicious and different take on a supposedly typical drink, milk tea became a real hit all over the world. The popularity reaches among youngsters as their convenient drink, just enjoying it in a cafe or consuming it while on the go. 
A crazy food trend indeed that starts way back 2019 here in the Philippines. It was loved by many milk tea fans and milk tea shops keep popping up with different menus that will ensure anyone can find their perfect cup!


Nowadays, it's really hard to find your perfect milk tea, especially if there's number of milk tea shops offering extensive menus in the market. But it's  still surprising to see someone you know drinking milk tea at least once a week or every day, queuing in hours, or having delivered it right at your doorstep.

Sipping my 1 litre Milk Tea from Driptea

The rising of Milk Tea becomes unprecedented with the idea of a healthy, competitive market, more innovations and trends came up and reach Davao City. Coming in arrays of variants, milk tea was more than just for your palate; but also for your eyes. The cup sizes and designs make a part of the marketing & promotions, wherein consumers get a photo shot for their Instagram, a status symbol that something most of the millennials do for the 'gram.

Here in Davao City, people went crazy with DRIPTEA. It garnered so much hype especially there P99 Overdose Milktea 1 Litre. They're not just hyping on the size of their milk tea, but also the freshness and the taste of it! And I got curious with it so I message their Facebook Page.

DRIPTEA started last March 2019. It was founded by Mr. Thor Gomez a former barista in one of the leading milk tea company in the Philippines. Now Driptea has 83 stores operating nationwide and continue through franchising.

I message Driptea Davao and ordered their Classic Okinawa Milk tea 1 Litre and added one large French Fries.

Honestly, when my order was delivered, I got shocked on how big is the 1 litre Milk tea of Drip Tea!

Milk tea lover knows what is Okinawa milk tea, its famous for its roasted brown sugar flavours. But what I loved about Drip Tea Classic Okinawa is that it has a rich tea flavour, along with harmonious sweetness added with a delicious boba on it, it's absolutely perfect. No wonder its their best-selling milk tea.

And loved to rate their French Fries, when it arrived its still crispy on the outside,  fluffy on the inside— so perfectly match with my milk tea.

Watch video here: https://bit.ly/3ceIaFz

The milk tea trend has come a long way, and I think it's here to stay as long as consumers will still patronize. And I agree to what they say, we don't just love milk tea, we're all addicted to it.

You can now order Drip Tea Milk Tea from GrabFood, Food Panda, Foruta and other delivery services.

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