Using July Two App for Ordering Food Online

This pandemic opens a wide coverage for online delivery and mobile delivery apps, and in changing the perspective of people lifestyle and sustaining online businesses. And yes, many consumers download apps for groceries,  services, and meals during this crisis. The Government Protocols which hinder people to go out and do their normal routines like buying things from the groceries, etc. and to avoid long queues in lining, made people to shifts to delivery apps for everything they need. In fact, most of my feeds I've seen in Facebook are now more in online transactions.

One of this app that's being used most of my colleagues is the JULY TWO APP. A multi-function app that caters not only in food delivery, but also home and virtual services, savings, cash-loan, buy load, plus it features rebates and rewards system all integrated in one platform.

July 2, 2012. The company started as a ticketing office to travel and tours, visa processing, goods & tradings, and Danao Child Care manage and founded by the Danao's triplets: Jackie Lyn, Jerry Lyn and Jackie Lou. And just last year, the idea to make a mobile app finally got to be a good start to campaign and promote businesses online and to help people to grow their business too!

July 2, 2020. The multi-function mobile app was officially launched and gain more subscribers not only here in Davao but also nationwide and across the country.

MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE USING THE JULY TWO APP in ordering G BISTRO Papa Dane's Burrito and Burger with Fries.

We were given P500 points to try July Two Apps to order food online. First, download the app in Google Store or iOS.  Second,  sign up using your email and password or FACEBOOK to log in. Third, in put your details. Fourth, don't forget to study the app first (familiarize the platform).

You will see the P500 points automatically in your DASHBOARD. You can transfer money(points) either GCASH or from your bank accounts to your July Two account.

FOOD DELIVERY – App users can order food online. Restaurant owners can be partnered with julytwo and have their own booking system.   

Excited to use the app, so I check their FOOD SECTION. They have 10 restaurant establishments to choose from and more restaurants are coming!

  1. Turkish Kebab House Chef Cengiz Place
  2. Arcee's Food Products
  3. Deli Homemade Style Food Delights 
  4. Taste of India (TOI) Indian Restaurant 
  5. Health Bank Cane Juice
  7. Scentea Cafe
  8. Japoy's Food Products
  9. Alab Bistro
  10. John Wok

And because I'm craving for Burrito and my two young adults are craving for burger & fries, I choose G BISTRO CATERING SERVICES.

As of now, you can pay either COD or by Points(or the money inside your July Two account. 

July Two CSR will call you after placing your order. And they will be the one to tell you how much is your DELIVERY FEE. In my case, I pay P70. They will also send you a text messages confirming your delivery details.


And delivered RIGHT ON TIME!


JULY TWO CSR will  message you again to click DISPATCH if the order is delivered.

BTW, if in case you want to cancel your order, just inform July Two by messaging via Facebook.

Please watch video here:  G BISTRO CATERING SERVICES

Online service right now has the uptick in demand growth in both customer acquisition and business reorder rates. July Two is still new in this business and more room of improvements both chains of supply & delivery, not to forget that they still have to stick to their goals and that is to continue meeting the demands and ensure to give their customer needs.

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