FOODPANDA: On-Demand Food Delivery App

When a pandemic hits the Philippines, Davao City economic drop to its lowest rate and it really affects the financial system of the businesses.  There are many restaurants in Davao City with thousand of workers, owned by local entrepreneurs, and most of the companies are having problem on how to maintain their income despite pandemic, that's why some food establishments open their services online through mobile app food delivery like FOODPANDA.

Disclaimer this is not a sponsored post, this is based on my personal experience with FoodPanda.

When FoodPanda invites me to their media launch in 2017 here in Davao City,  I already had a clue that this kind of food online service will be a great hit here in Davao.

I can still remember,  when calling my Lolo's favourite restaurant and a rude host will answer, whether you will be put on hold too long or having to scream your order through a loud noise. This time no more hassle, thanks to the amazing on-demand food delivery service apps like FOODPANDA. With just a few taps on the screen, we now have access to hundreds or new and delicious restaurants by using the FoodPanda Mobile App.

I admit at first I hate their service. Not once, but twice. I've ordered online using FoodPanda mobile app, and they always decline my order. First reason, no rider is available in my area. Second, they accept my order, but it takes them almost an hour in preparing my order, and suddenly they message me that they cannot deliver in my area and I already paid it through debit card, the sad part is that they don't have a system that time on how to resolve the problem in repaying or refund money. It takes them days to return my money and that experience made me STOP ordering online using their app.


When World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020, and a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the Philippines make a new normal protocol, allowing a stricter COVID 19 measures. Cancellation of flights, the closure of establishments and schools and more restrict movement was implemented and we experienced national lockdown.

Everyone stayed home, because it's hard right now going to work and live like normal as we used to, worried about getting ill from the virus. That's why food and other services are available through online transactions. FOOD PANDA becomes one of my trusted online food service now, so much has changed in their app and I congratulate them on their service. I also commend their riders, for their hardship and sacrifices. Their tasks are very difficult, the danger is everywhere. They move around delivering our food, while we who are staying home, living a luxurious life limiting our exposure to the corona virus and we are lucky. Although people are moving less compared before the crisis, more people are staying home the most, especially weekends that's why food delivery apps are very useful nowadays.

Beginning March of 2020, people in my country started limiting their movements as the virus spread. From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, people used their mobile phone as their means in ordering food online and one of the most trusted online food delivery apps in the Philippines is FOOD PANDA.

Filipino just loves food! This I've heard from my Professor in Marketing, that if you want to build a business here in the Philippines,  then venture into food business.

Hence, food delivery is popular now, with fast foods and other food services hotline numbers bursting with calls all the time, food delivery services apps like FOODPANDA, made online ordering and delivery of food & services much more convenient.

One of the highlights in FOODPANDA that I loved is the FOODPANDA PRO. Wherein you have the chance to claim great deals from them. All you need is to SUBSCRIBE for P50/month.

Another thing is that you can monitor the assigned rider by TRACKING or CHAT your rider using the app. Here, you don't have to wonder when your order is going to arrive. 

And you may choose to opt for a CONTACTLESS DELIVERY for safety.

For payment method, you can pay via bank, GCash, PayPal, and Cash on Delivery.

Plus, FoodPanda is operating 24/7. Yes, if you are craving food in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning, FoodPanda is there to satisfy your cravings.


This is FoodPanda online grocery delivery service in the Philippines. Here you can order numerous products from a variety of your favourite stores on one platform.

After downloading the app and finish registering, just tap in your address and go to the "SHOPS" tab on the top of the listing. Then you will see the listing by browsing through your favourite shops, choose your products and go to checkout.

You can also PICK UP your order for your convenience. 

It is very easy to use FoodPanda app.

First, you need to download the app on your smartphone. Or you can order via their website, you can use a PC or laptop to order food as well.  

Second, launch the app, then register. 

Third, put all your detailed information,  especially your exact location to avoid problems later. Or you can also sign up using your Facebook account, in order to save time by filling out the online registration form.

And after registrations,  you're all set to order.


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