McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Burger

It was a rainy afternoon in Davao when we passed by at McDonald's Bajada and I decided to have a cup of coffee just to relax, get warm and wait for the rain to stop while the rest order their fave McDo Value Meal. After 2 minutes of waiting, my Mom decided to order McFilet-O-Fish and another large cup of coffee.

This is my first time to order McDonald's Filet-O-Fish and I am eager to have a bite!

Filet-O-Fish is a fish sandwich/burger. 

As of December of 2014 according to the updates made in Wikipedia, the Filet-O-Fish contains battered, fried fish patty made from pollock or white fish or better known to us as with the default name the so-called "CREAM-DORY" also called "river cobbler". And a half slice of cheese in each Filet-O-Fish.

Video here for the info:  

Why half cheese? According to McDonald's, they put only half cheese because lots of cheese would throw off the balance of flavour and it will overpower the delicate taste of a whitefish

Taste is good and I love it honestly, topped with a creamy tartar sauce and served and a soft steamed bun paired with their brewed coffee.

And if you are a health conscious person, well this patty is good for you.

Nutrition & Ingredients:

(C) McDonald's 

Me and my Mom love it so much, and agreed that the next time we will visit McDonald's instead of ordering their Value Meals like Chicken, Spaghetti, french fries...Filet-O-Fish will be number ONE in our list.

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McDonald's. Love Ko 'to!


  1. That's the only McDonald's burger I enjoy (because I'm no fan of beef and their chicken sandwich is nothing special). Fish fillet or fillet-o-fish in some places. :)

    Thanks for sharing the calorie content too. Good to know.