Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie Restaurant at Abreeza Mall

Wondering what HUKAD means? HUKAD is a Visayan dialect which means for scooping food or serve food on your plate or to ladle soup into a bowl.

(sorry bad camera exposure, wrong settings!)

I was invited by a friend for a lunch meet up and we went to Hukad in Abreeza Mall branch. HUKAD serve excellent Native Filipino cuisine, wherein the idea of serving food on banana leaf in place of plates, which make it more authentic and plus you get unlimited rice!


The place is clean and the interior is impressively good, but I found the place small for the diners.


Not so impressive. I mean the taste are great, super love it! But the amount of quantity is not that impressive.





I mean the price of the food ranging from 100+ to 300+ is not bad, but they serve the food too little - - good for one serving only. Not good for family or group meetups, too late to know that they have a FEAST BUNDLES. We have might save bigger.


The Tuna Finger taste good, although it's nothing different from the one sold at the food kiosk or in the supermarket. So disappointed with their TUNA BELLY, though it tastes yummy on the inside, the outer side of the belly is overcooked and it tastes bitter, so we have to take out the charcoaled part of the belly before we eat(so time consuming). We tried to call their attention but it seems all the crew are very busy doing something.


Another disappointed customer here. The staff's are polite but not good in a fast service restaurant. I know that it's a peak hour during lunch time, and people were willing to wait in line, but it doesn't mean you will not attend to your previous customers who are already eating and need their service once in a while. I have noticed that when we are asking for water refill and no one is listening to us and also when we are billing out no one attend to us, we feel we need to shout a little just to call their attention(again). I've noticed too that they have many staff's, but I don't understand what are the other's doing on the counter, it seems that they are just checking and monitoring their mobiles if their still waiting customers lining up. They're supposed to assist customers that are inside already and be attentive to their needs.

The service was very poor. It's hard to get anyone to our table and it seems everybody has a separate tasks and aren't able to answer the questions we need.


Just a piece of advice here:

Never trust a restaurant that serves unli rice.   

If you crave for Filipino food, check out HUKAD at Abreeza Mall Davao. If you are in a group or with your family try their FEAST BUNDLES to save money.

If you're planning to go during lunch or dinner time, better assigned someone to fall in line ahead.

The meetup was totally remarkable as we were reunited, took a chitchat for an hour after not seeing for each other for a few months, but we need leave or vacate the table because someone is going to use it. What a PEAK HOUR!

Abreeza Mall Branch
2nd Level, Abreeza Mall
J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
PHONE NUMBER: (082) 295-6088 

They also have branches at:

JP Laurel Avenue, Brgy. San Antonio, Lanang, Davao City

Ground Level, SM Annex, SM City Davao
Quimpo Blvd., cor. Tulip Drive, Davao City
PHONE NUMBER: (082) 238-0830



  1. yup, i have tried eating in Hukad before.. true the service was a little not so satisfying...the food is mediocre.. not a fan ...

  2. This resto is finally in Davao. It has been my favourite in Cebu over the years. I am looking forwards to eating here when I visit Davao later this year.

  3. It looks like they have to work on their service and the cooking. It would be a good to try their unique foods though.

  4. Just exploring new restaurant in Davao City is I think exciting. In Negros Occidental, we call it "Sukad." Find their food quite good.

  5. Judging your photos, mukhang konti nga lang ang isang order and a little bit pricy ba. Still, if the tadte is awesome , why not subukan. Wish makapunta ako sa Davao?

  6. The servings are really small. Thanks for the warning, I'll look for other restos when in Davao.

  7. Sometimes, those establishments who serves unli rice tries to make up the cost by serving "little amount" of the main dish or ulam :).

  8. I learned something new. It's really nice to discover local foods. Looking forward for Hukad's branch in Metro Manila - KarenT

  9. Big fan of this place. Great date spot. Makes me psyched to be a foodie and head upstate. Awesome staff as well. Such amazing and really fresh food at Chicago restaurants. The only downside is that it fills up quickly.