McDonald's Apple Pie Ala Mode

This week, we'll address craving towards sweet after the Holidays. It's not too late to hold your craving for a dessert, McDonald's Philippines is happy to extend their limited edition desserts for this year - MUDPIE McFlurry with Oreo, WHITE CHOCOLATE McFlurry with Oreo and Apple Pie Ala Mode.

Image source: McDonald Bajada Banner

If you're craving for something sweet and savory flavors - Apple Pie Ala Mode is perfect for you!

It has a warm, crunchy cinnamon Apple Pie top with sundae caramel.


You will notice the Apple Pie was sliced into two and had a custom paper cup exclusively made for this dessert.

The mix combination of the warm apple pie and the cold sundae compliments with the cinnamon so perfect if you like it sweet. But if you don't like it to be sweeter, try to suggest to lessen the added caramel syrup.

In my case, my mother suggest to lessen her caramel syrup, the taste is still the same but not so sweet at all.

So head to your nearest McDonald Store branch now and taste the creamy, savory and crunchy Apple Pie Ala Mode!

If you have sweet moments to share with McDonald's, visit their FB OFFICIAL PAGE or tag @McDo_PH  TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

.......continue to have a ho-ho-holidays this 2015!!!


  1. I haven't tried this yet, but I might soon. :)

  2. Hi Raine! I love apple pie and I love their caramel sundae! I'm glad they thought of this just like how they thought of making the float! ( I used to mix them before on my own and people thought I was weird... HA!)