Shake off the stress: four hacks to lift your mood on busy days

While some days at work or school go without a hitch, others are stressful and difficult to be productive. These are the times that many find challenging because they can disrupt one's flow.

Here are some simple hacks that can help lift your mood even on your busiest day. Give them a try and see how they work for you!

Call a friend

Sometimes, a friend’s listening ear and empathic voice are the balms you need to get through your day. Lean on your support group, and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Watch cute animal videos

Have you ever watched videos of tiny animals being all cute and silly on your feed? These videos have the potential to warm your heart and induce a sense of comfort and fuzziness. As it turns out, studies prove that watching these videos helps reduce anxiety levels by up to 50%!

Schedule something fun after work hours

Try this no-fail hack on your worst work days. Rally your friends and have an after-work karaoke sesh, game night, dinner, or gig night. Having something to look forward to after the day’s battles can really help manage your stress.

Enjoy snack breaks with the yummy
Kropek ni Mang Juan Spicy Fried Pusit flavor

Have a snack break

Snack breaks are the perfect excuse to escape your desk, huddle with your teammates, and vent your stress. You also get to recharge with delicious snacks, and who doesn’t like that?

Speaking of snacks that help you recharge, have you tasted Kropek ni Mang Juan in Spicy Fried Pusit flavor? It offers a “kakaibang” snacking experience with its light and “crispy sarap” texture and a “saktong anghang at alat” flavor of fried squid. It’s a one-of-a-kind snack that can satisfy your tastebuds.

Kropek ni Mang Juan Spicy Fried Pusit offers a unique snacking experience with its “crispy sarap” texture and “saktong anghang at alat” fried squid flavor

Try it on your next snack break! Get Kropek ni Mang Juan in Spicy Fried Pusit flavor from a convenience store near your office and share it with your colleagues. You may just discover your new go-to recharge snack!

Don’t let a bad mood ruin a work day. Next time you find yourself needing something to lighten up the vibe and help you refocus, try one (or all) of these mood-lifting hacks!

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