Cook In Your Home with REKADO Frozen Meal

Flex your home cooking with Rekado Restaurant quality dishes "Easy to heat, Ready to eat" meal.

When pandemic hits our country, many changes have been made and new normal adapted, especially in the field of the food industry. Rekado make a plan and decided that the best way to enjoy their menu during quarantine was to let the people cook their famous recipes right in their own home. This means you exactly eat the same as what you'd get from their restaurant. Their menu is freshly cooked and frozen pack, all you have to do is to heat it in a boiling water for 6 minutes and that's it — their signature meals are now ready to serve.


For those who are craving for Filipino dishes considered REKADO "Easy to Heat, Ready to Eat" versions of their house specialties  such as their KARE-KARE, PORK BINAGOONGAN, KALDEROBO, COCIDO DE RABO and more.

From their kitchen to your home, REKADO RESTAURANT'S dishes will bring the taste of homey Filipino dishes right at your doorstep.

How to cook? Watch video here 👉👉👉 REKADO 

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