The Christmas Dessert House at Salome's Garden by Chippens

A secret garden nestled inside a forest, but only few people know where's the garden located.

Salome's Garden by Chippens is an event venue owned by Ms. Salome "Sally" San Jose. The place can cater more than 100+ pax in the pavilion. It was opened 4 years ago (2015), but they formally opened to the public on August 1, 2016. The place is good for a garden wedding, prenup shoot and/or wedding proposal. Very cool & chillax place and well-lighted especially at night.

Aside from the pavilion, they also have CHEZ NOUS BY CHIPPENS headed by Chef Chino San Jose, a restaurant  for an intimate dinner with your family, friends, and love ones, it can cater 30 to 50+ pax. I super love the ambiance here! 😍🥰

Team Chippens: Chef Chino San Jose, Ms. Salome San Jose and the newest team member to lead the Pastries Department, Chef Shara Marie "Chiki" San Jose   

Now, for this month of December, as part of their family tradition, they want everybody to feel the "PRESENCE" of Christmas. In the past years, they have Christmas Cafe, this year they build a Chimney house inspired which they called, CHRISTMAS DESSERT HOUSE, with the help of Mr. Doltz Pilar, a renowned Interior Stylist and a Visual Artist in Manila, they come up with a homey & classy place wherein you can dine in for a "turkey" and dessert and have a tea cup party together with your family & friends.

Ms. Salome San Jose (owner), Mr. Doltz Pilar (Interior Stylist & Visual Artist), and Chef Chiki San Jose (Daughter of Ma'am Salome)  

Though the place is not yet finished, but you can visit it starting Monday, Dec. 16 at 5pm. And try their Bread, Pastries, and Cakes, and get a taste of some of their heirloom desserts recipes baked by Chef Shara Marie "Chiki" San Jose at the SALOME'S CHRISTMAS DESSERT HOUSE!

Davao Social Media Influencers with Chef Chiki San Jose 

Photo credit to Hey Life, Cheers by Noe Petel

Thank you Salome's Garden by Chippens and Davao Food Guide.