Food Just Got Real at SKALER Bistro

We're invited to this place for the first time - after hearing that the place of Tienda del Mercado was turned into a new bistro called SKALER (ES-KA-LER). The name itself was cool and catchy - when you read it backwards, you will come to understand what does it mean - RELAKS! Chill, Good Vibes.

Showcasing the local cuisine that embraces the KOBOYNESS of casual local dining. From the founder of 3 home-grown restaurants --- GRILLERY Smokehouse, BACKYARD BURGERS & RIB SHOTS comes the only food and dining bistro that is PROUDLY DABAW.


They had a lot of tables without reservation, good for family gathering or BARKADAS chilling night, but it seemed popular and probably a good idea to book a table ahead next time.

We got our table for Media/Bloggers Chill Out Night. First thing that struck me was the size of the menu. It was rather limited, but everything on the menu was quite tempted.


Let's get to the food. This is where things get real.


  • Burgers by Backyard Burgers Price ranges from PHp89 to PHp159
  • Grilled Finger Ribs by Rib Shots - 99 cents per gram
  • Street BBQ Buffet by the Grillery -PHp299 per pax

Note: They will be adding more items in their menu over time.

They served us grilled menu. I'll stay politically correct here and keep my swearing out of the review. This is some of the best meals I've had here in Davao City and they just opened. If they continue like this (plus adding more lists in the menu) I'm pretty sure other resto/bistro have some serious competition.

Grilled & Burger together with a glass of Buko Juice

The service was very friendly and professional. We were taken good care of by more than one waiter. Even the place was very busy, so you have to be patience some time.

I will probably be back to taste some other dishes from SKALER Bistro.

Located at Acacia Street. Cor. Champaca, Juna Subd, Matina

OPEN every TUESDAY to SUNDAY (closed on MONDAY) at 10AM to 11PM

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