Chilling With The Felines at Davao City's first cat cafe, PurrBox Cafe: Supplies and Accessories Co.

It's where feline fanatics sit in a room full of cats, sip coffee or drink milk tea and eat snacks -- a concept made popular in Asia is now in Davao City.

PURRBOX CAFE owned and managed by Arthur "Uloy" Ong Jr. who accommodated us in behalf of his co-owner, Erwin Tan (a fashion designer) who loves buying pure breed cats and Keseree Ng, who is more into a business like putting up a cafe. The result is a merging of great ideas and Purrbox Cafe was born.

An unbelievably wonderful place for both you and your cats. It's not just a place for cats, but they also sell cat food, supplies, and accessories at a low price.

Actually, the cafe celebrates its one year anniPURRsary last May 2018.

I've heard many nice reviews about this place, it's my first visit here for a special occasion: invited by the owner through Ms. Jojie Alcantara for a small group of pretty hardcore cat fans.

Note, this is "not" just a cafe with cats, this is a cat place, that serves food and drinks.




hey also serve Chicken Salad Sandwich & Crab and Prawn Sandwiches.

*SANDWICHES serve with House Blend Ice Tea PHp200




They also have Mac n' Cheese and Tuna Pesto.
*Pasta served with House Blend Iced Tea is PHp200.

Cheesy Beef Nachos PHp140

With House Blend Iced Tea PHp200 

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Dark Chocolate - PHp140

Also serve Peanut Butter Cream, Blueberry Compote, and Nutella Spread with the same price PHp140.

*If you want it to have a House Blend Ice Tea PHp200


To be fair, it would be hard to go wrong; you wouldn't come here if you don't like cats or you don't want to play with them. There is plenty of space for cats and human, and cats can remove themselves to a visitor-free space if they want to.

Upstairs is the Cat Studio, wherein bringing of food and drinks is prohibited.

The layout is light and airy, comfortable, with plenty of sitting cushion for you to feed and play-with-cats.

The staff are obviously cat lovers and love their job. They are welcoming, friendly, interested in humans and attentive to the cats. There are rules to follow, that everyone must pay close attention.

Watch the video here:

The cats are very different from dogs, so they are not necessarily the snuggly cat's people might have as pets, sometimes they are moody and have attitudes especially if they're tide and sleepy, but they play and pay attention (if you have food to feed them).  Some like to sit on or near people, others are much more standoff-ish.

To have a wonderful experience is really easy - just read the rules and don't try and drag the kitties around by their tails! They'll come to you and play.

The cat area was clean and cozy and just want you to want from a pussycat paradise!


I had a lovely Matcha Drink and the best Belgian Waffles ever, so basically, this was the absolute highlight of Purr Box Cafe - their Food & Drinks.

Most importantly, the place is doing incredible work in providing cats with a home and lots of love!

I have told everyone especially those who love cats how much I love this place! I will be back together with my tweens!

PurrBox Cafe is located at the Green Building beside Nissan Car Showroom JP Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City.

Disclaimer: Some photos credited to Ms. Jojie Alcantara -

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