The New McDonald's Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes #McDonaldHotcakes #McDonaldsPhilippines

And yes, Filipinos are getting a twist of awesome morning as they visit McDonald's breakfast stores nationwide from 4AM to 10:30AM. Available for take-out, dine-in, drive-thru and McDelivery.

Your breakfast cravings will be satisfied if you try the limited-time offer of the New McDonald's Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes! The original golden brown Hotcakes that Filipinos have come to love, now topped with cookie crumble, drizzled with luscious chocolate-malt sauce, and served with maple-flavored syrup.

With these delectable ingredients, I'm sure you will have a great breakfast experience that ONLY McDonald's can offer. And for my experience, I love this Hotcakes. Aside from it has a choco crumble cookies, I super love the maple syrup. I guarantee you that it is not overly sweet, the chocolate and the syrup is pleasing to the palate.

Well, it's your choice whether you wanna try the New Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes costs P60 ala carte or be with the all-time favorite original Hotcakes, both are satisfying breakfast meal from McDonald's paired with a cup of freshly brewed McCafe Premium Roast Coffee and Harsh Browns.

How irresistible was your morning with the all-new Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes? Share your breakfast experience on McDonald's Facebook page, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.