Port Food Cafe #FoodTrip #PortCafe

It's new and a bit change of name and logo from the legendary and famous Port Cafe,  it is now called Port Food Cafe.

I prefer to go to a place that have a good food, appealing ambiance and reasonable price. And sometimes it depends on my mood as well, and what I am looking for at that moment.

I pass this place and I am surprised with what I saw. If you were here before and you like it, you will love this place even more!

The price depends on who you market your location to. I'm not personally choosy with the price as long as I get what I expect from the food itself. I currently looking for a good, inventive food and a place to enjoy time with friends and family.

However, aside from the food, I would rate ambiance a close second option in choosing a place to eat. I won't enjoy eating to a place that is too dim for my eyes or not that comfortable to sit and eat in.

The restaurant has good lighting. Very impressive not dim, it is cool to the eye!

It also has new furniture's and fixtures, just what a port food cafe should be.

I'm not a well-earned professional, but I'm willing to cede on food quality just to have an affordable meal.

Port Food Cafe is located at the 2nd Flr Gaisano Mall of Davao, JP Laurel Ave., Davao City.