The Love For Food

I am not that gluttonous person, but I love food very much.  But I worry too much about my borderline foods like shrimp, crabs, and peanut butter.  That's why I take my antihistamines, that way I can love them unreservedly, without hating them for what they suffice to my physical body.

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Things can't be stopped if you love something, that is why if we talked about food I'm into it.

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The love of food is my only companion, wherever I go and whatever moods I have. Foods are always there for me.

I became interested in reviewing FOOD and at the same time the RESTAURANT, while I am looking for a good topic that can help my viewers learn how much our FOOD cater especially the people here in Davao City. Heavily reliant with the social media system nowadays, underlie many positive and negative critics and challenges both restaurant owners, managers and customers face.

And because I am passionate enough in creating positive outcome between my reviews, I must admit it's hard to weigh some of restaurant problems especially FOOD BUSINESSES here in our town.

Somehow inspired in helping others to decide on how to pick for the right place to have their gatherings or a small meetups.


I am not a Professional Food Blogger or a Restaurant Critic, but I identify myself as a person who enjoys delicious food that suits my taste buds.

I developed my appreciation in food with the culture we have here in Davao, especially the culinary culture. 

Davao consist of 10 TRIBES and with that I've encountered different tribes delicacies that cannot be compared with because each possess a unique style of cooking their dishes.

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In my case, what I do is to visit a restaurant and observing them secretly(as a customer) on how they served their food, and by tasting their food as well before I give my critique.


My interest in social-environment had a great impact with my daily routine in dealing FOOD. This focus the social standard we have in a city despite the differences we have with our cultural and languages, we still welcomed foreign foods and restaurants. Maybe because Davao people have likewise a unique way in appreciating other cuisine that is why many restaurants are planning and making a good business here.

When you are in a restaurant you have to consider the type of restaurants you are in, if it's a FINE DINING, CASUAL DINING, FAST-CASUAL RESTAURANT, QUICK-SERVICE RESTAURANT. And expect the quality of service the management will give you.


Taking up with all the categories in giving FOOD critics, we also take consider the PRICE of the food you bought, if it is satisfying or dissatisfying to the customers that varies what type of restaurants you are into.

I have many food related challenges in my lifetime, including lifestyle transition I have in holding several food allergies to the food mention above, but I've never stopped my journey in cultivating the THE LOVE OF FOOD inspired by the restaurants here in Davao. This inspired me to make a personal commitment in writing and reviewing more conscious enough in dealing FOOD and RESTAURANT, choices that can help people all around the world make it be my co-DABAWENYOS, BALIKBAYAN or just a tourist who are planning to visit Davao City.  

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