McDonald's at Bolton Street

*This is a late post of mine, happened 28th of December 2013.

Second day of the opening of the latest McDonald's Branch here in Davao City. Actually this is their 10th branch located at Corner Bolton St. and Rizal St. fronting the pioneering branch of Jollibee and adjacent to it is the historical restaurant and cafe MERCO. Pardon me for I don't have my own rendering image of the place outside, for I was more concentrated on their inside interior design.

But I have here the outside interior of McDonald's Bolton Branch photo credit to Vir Christian C. from his FOURSQUARE post.

Photo credit to Vir Christian C. 
Photo credit to Vir Christian C.

This time I will not going to review FOOD and their PRICE RATE but the FOOD CHAIN INTERIOR and the SERVICE itself.

There are two entrances onto the store. Either of the two entrances should be utilized as the main entrance, one facing MERCO and the other one facing Jollibee.

straight ahead to their COUNTER AREA

As what I remember in my Marketing class, that you have to make a clear and neat presentation in your Marketing Program.

Design and create an interior store that display featuring your products. 

McDonald's is using a strategy that when a customer get inside their store the first affair to consider is their MEALS served on their MENU COUNTER BOARD, wherein hungry eyes can be easily convinced to grab and have a taste of their food.

Use a unique color to reflect the store. 

The first time I walked into this store I was shocked! The store has great design and antiques and art on the walls.  It looks like I am in a five star restaurant that has a fast food joint.  Color done up in BROWN, BLACK, MINT GREEN, PINK and RED from wall, ceiling and furniture's up on their second floor the "AL FRESCO" dining place , so unique while it's beginning to reflects it's beauty.

Dining Area
Facing MERCO

Al Fresco
2nd Flr

Usually fast food chain use RED and YELLOW for color branding.  But for McDonald's they have a great branding of colors:

green giving natural, brown for earthly, pink and red for wholesome feel of the place.   

For McDonald's these colors imply simple thing, it is no more a rushing for a quick snack of the burger and fries but a place to relax comfortably while sipping coffee and eating hotcakes or pies.  And at the same time you can use their Wi-Fi for FREE. 

I really love their Al Fresco Dining, an area design to give you an option to eat with an outdoor seating.  My friends choose to stay here and have our late dinner.


Beside their Al Fresco they also receive a space for corporate meeting and party venue.

Another good thing that I admire about their strategy considering they don't have a DRIVE-THRU they have an IN and OUT McDo Dessert Counter.


A 24 hours Fast Food Chain just in the middle of downtown Davao.

Friendly and accommodating staff. They greeted us right when we walked in the door.

Very pleasant experience, and I might say that this is a TOP NOTCH McDonald's compared to other McDonald's branches here in Davao City  and I'm giving it a .

Looking forward to coming back again soon since it is just near our place.

I've never seen such a posh McDonald's!

McDonald's Bolton Branch
Bolton St., corner Rizal St., Davao City

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  1. We also went here with my Himig friends but there were lots of customers that time. We had a great time though.. :D