Le' Cafe Rotunda: A Hub For The Community

Why are coffee shop so popular in Davao City? Coffee shops have attained a level of sustained success that is rarely seen in other types of businesses. Coffee shops, which were once considered simply as places to stop and go, have become an essential component of daily life of the Dabawenyos, and many of us go to coffee shops in order to both socialize and work.

Even though there have been some minor adjustments made to the cafe experience as a result of the development of COVID, there is no indication that the popularity of coffee shops will decrease in the near future.

But in this day of advanced technology, how have coffee shops achieved almost unprecedented levels of success? Le Cafe Rotunda, one of the newest and fastest-growing coffee shops in Davao, witnessed this prosperity firsthand when they opened in June of this year, which prompted me to visit based on what my aunt Mae Ancheta-Templa told me about why she became a regular customer of the above- mentioned coffee shop.

Le Cafe Rotunda

People enjoy visiting their neighborhood coffee shop because they enjoy drinking coffee. If the products were inferior, customers would not return!

According to Statista, the Philippines consumed approximately 3.3 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee in 2020/21. This indicates a gradual increase in coffee intake over time.

There are now more methods than ever before to take pleasure in our coffee thanks to the growing number of accessible options for personalization and variety. And let's not forget that the majority of decent coffee shops will also serve a wide variety of food and beverages that aren't coffee, making them the ideal one-stop shop for those looking for a chance to reenergize.

Le Cafe Rotunda is situated adjacent to Colasas BBQ at 39-D #3 Washington Rotonda, Magallanes Street, in Davao City, just a short walk from our home.

The high quality of the coffee that is sold at local coffee shops is one more reason why customers can't seem to stay away from these establishments. You won't find a skilled barista at home who can whip up even the most intricate coffee concoction with ease like you'll find at a café.

Customers enjoy the best possible coffee experience, which is something that, for the majority of people, cannot be replicated at home because it requires professional coffee machines, steamers, and high-quality coffee. This is the easiest way for the ordinary coffee user to enjoy coffee of good quality, and it also happens to be the most enjoyable.

People are turning away from quick and simple coffee in search of amazing flavors and novel ideas at a rate that is higher than it has ever been.

And because I am prohibited from drinking coffee because of my GERD, I ordered their non-caffeinated Strawberry Milkshake.

What I like about their Strawberry Milkshake is that, it brings heavenly taste of strawberry to the taste buds.

They give us two small plates!

And for my oldest daughter's meal, I ordered Creamy Carbonara, and their service astonished us. A member of their staff informed us that their entire menu is suitable for sharing.

Creamy Carbonara

They serve out a substantial amount of pasta in each serving. This is beneficial for the individuals who enjoy sharing a bowl of pasta with their close companions. Very affordable indeed!

I had not eaten lunch, so I chose a rice-based dish. I selected Sweet and Sour Chicken from the SOLO MEAL menu.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

The Sweet and Sour Chicken that they serve is one of their best dishes. With crispy chicken, pineapple, veggies, and bell peppers, just like your favorite takeout place but without the food coloring.

They also serve artisan coffee and beverages.

I also love their lemon lime cucumber infused water, it's healthy, sugar-free and tastes better than pure water. Also perfect for detox and weight loss!

A growth in artisanal coffee production can be attributed to the increasing desire for exceptional coffee experiences. This eruption of more imaginative ideas is evidenced by the common joke about being unable to understand the items on the menu at the coffee shop. Despite this, there is a growing interest in specialty coffee, which is supported by a ready audience. People are increasingly enthusiastic to sample new coffee beverages from different countries, and they are eager to travel to their favorite coffee shops in order to have these experiences.

Le Cafe is not just focusing on coffee, because they know that people are beginning to realize that there is a world of coffee beyond a latte, despite the fact that lattes are not going anywhere anytime soon. This realization is occurring as more options become available.

People are increasingly turning to coffee as a vital component of a healthy habit, particularly when it is devoid of milk, cream, and added sugar. This is especially true for coffee that is consumed black.

In this establishment, they will make every effort to satisfy the taste bud of their clients. As a result, you might get your coffee sweetened or unsweetened, with or without cream. Those who are concerned about their health may want to order a milktea, frappe, or fruit tea.

Le Cafe would want their customers to spend a bit extra on their exceptional coffee, beverages, and meals. The quality of service is their highest priority for both local and foreign tourists that will visit their cafe.

However, the customer is also interested in investing in a reputable brand whose service they can rely on. This is something we discuss whenever we visit a new business, restaurant, or café.

The Cafe Experience

People enjoy drinking coffee, but there's a lot more to a coffee shop than simply those roasted beans! It is time to think about what the experience of going to a classic coffee shop really entails and why it holds such a significant place in people's hearts.

The ability to provide customers with a sense of ease and tranquility is one of the key factors that has contributed to the dramatic rise in popularity of coffee shops over the past decade. This idea is especially common when you compare coffee shops to other types of businesses that compete with them, like restaurants, bars, and fast-food chains.

People can get together with their families and friends to catch up over a warm drink and enjoy the unusually quiet atmosphere of coffee shops.

Le Cafe is a place wherein you can work quietly while eating and drinking your favorite coffee or any beverage.

Most coffee shops are in easy-to-reach, central places. This makes them a great place for people to meet and often helps the community as a whole.

In this day and age, most people communicate with one another through the use of a screen. Therefore, coffee shops are a great place for people who feel lonely because of this trend.

The local community can be supported and brought closer together through the hosting of events at these venues, which can also serve as multi-purpose spaces.

And because Le Cafe is very accessible and convenience to visit, it become a hub for the community to work and study.

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