Nousagi Japanese Pastry

If you're a fan of anime character, well definitely you are familiar with the word "nousagi". This is what pekora's fanbase is called,  the nousagi, meaning something like wild rabbits, those little rabbit guys with the carrots in their ears.

Usada Pekora is a Virtual YouTuber. A lonely rabbit-eared girl who loves carrot. And for the Japanese fan base, it's famous for what they called "NOUSAGI" or wild rabbit or Japanese hare.

When my cousin introduce me this pastry from NOUSAGI JAPANESE PASTRY,  honestly, I was hesitant to taste it. Because I thought there's a rabbit thingy  in their ingredients.

A RABBIT IN THEIR PASTRIES? What an exaggerated thought I have! 😆😂🤣 So, let me clear this, "nousagi" because RABBITS are cute and it has a charming behaviour,  aside from that, their tiny bodies are soft and also has a cute colour that make them just so tempting to pet. As well as the pastries offer by Nousagi Japanese Pastry to the Dabawenyos.

Nousagi Japanese Pastry started just a "START UP" store at SM Lanang Premier. Flocks of people lined-up just to taste their famous CREAM PUFF, a cream legere filled with choux dough.

Photo credit to Nousagi Japanese Pastry Facebook Page

What's a 'Choux' it's a delicate pastry dough used in many pastries. Another name for choux cream is CREAM PUFF!

My cousin bought this Box of Flavoured, with 6 pcs of your choice from their Premium Cream puffs for P289. A box full of delicious puffs: CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY, PURPLE YAM, OREO, MATCHA and COFFEE CRUMBLE.

I've got the OREO! (Sorry I forget to get a pic of the oreo puff before I got the bite!!). So here's the after effect (photo) of my curiosity. 😆😂

First time to see a cream puff that looks like a cupcake and taste like an ice cream cake. 😍😋 They use their signature Legere Cream mixed with Oreo bits topped with oreo.

Their Premium Cream Puffs, choux dough coated with butter crust & filled with their signature Creme Legere. I fell in love with their puffs, it's not super sweet and I'm sure elders will also love it!

And about the serving, the puff is quite huge, it's definitely worth its price. Aside from not too sweet, the cream is light so you don't feel sick in the stomach after indulging. 😋😋 They have so many pastries offer and it also quite good if you're up for something richer and denser.


They are now located at Valencia Corporate Center,  Jacinto Ext., near Mercury Drugs and beside WeGotcha! OPEN at 10am to 8pm.

They also accept pickup orders or for delivery.

For pickup, located at Jacinto ext. beside WeGotcha and near Mercury Drug, just look for Nousagi Signage.

For delivery, they are partnered with delivery riders Davao, delivery fee will be based on your location. P69pesos for the first 5km.

For Payment, they accept COD or GCASH payments 😊

Now, get the picture why Nousagi is the name of their pastry shop? Well, that's just my guess. Because rabbits are cute & soft, as well as the pastries they offer.

Thanks to my cousin, Glecy Aileen Gonzales for introducing me this #nougarisweets Japanese Cream Puff. Very delicious. You should try too!

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