NOMAD DVO: The Perfect Nomad Restaurant Finds Its Home In Davao

The new nomadic restaurant in Davao City located at the ground floor of Asrodel Hotel deserves a Michelin star.

NOMAD DVO set in an understated and elegant decor combining exotic table wood with minimalist and industrial interior design, the atmosphere reflects the philosophy of the kitchen: applying the best of Western (Italian inspired) to Mediterranean & Asian cooking techniques to local ingredients.

Nomad in French means a group of people who travel from place to place rather than living in one place all the time.

So to stay that menu itself is Nomadic in a way. Creative starters, perfectly cooked pasta, fantastic local meats and fish, not forgetting creative vegetarian options, and unforgettable fruity-healthy drinks, combined with carefully selected wines and masterful cocktails, all delivered in impeccable style by a friendly and efficient team of Chefs: Mikhael Angelo Liong, John Española and Nicholson Aying.

After years of travelling and working in different countries, the three (3) Chefs decided to come together and share what they have learned from individual experiences including the different food and cuisines their palate picked up along the way. Together, they worked in Boston circa 2012. Afterwhich, they went on their own paths to South Carolina and Chef Nikko proceeded to Sydney, Australia.

NOMAD DVO opened its doors in Davao City this month of April 2019, again together with the three Chefs joined hand-in-hand with an aim to bring something different to the diners of Davao; a space and a relaxed cafe-restaurant-bar situated in the heart of the main street of Bonifacio and Artiaga St.

NOMAD DVO is all about bringing together the family & friends through shared experience of delicious food.


  • 5 Spice Calamari PHp265 

  • Tuna Ceviche PHp230

  • Pork & Cheese Croquettes PHp210

  • BBQ Pork Quesadilla PHp230


  • Nomad's Shawarma Rice PHp390

Serve with Tumeric Rice

  • Southern Fried Chicken PHp365

Serve with Samjang Rice

  • 350G Pork Loin PHp440


  • Truffled Mushroom & Cream  Rigatoni PHp380


  • Prawn Burger PHp320 

Brioche Bun, Gochu Mayo, House Slaw, Honey Glaze

  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken PHp260


  • Grilled Chicken Caesar PHp280


  • Blood Orange Mint Fizz
  • Peach Sunrise
  • Pomegranate Ice Tea



These are some of the food they offer in their resto-bar. I highly recommend 350G Pork LoinBBQ Pork Quesadilla and 5 Spice Calamari

350G Pork Loin because the meat is cook very tender and tasty. If you are a meat lover better try this one, cooked to perfection!

I had a good BBQ Pork Quesadilla which was I think had a mix between Jerk Pork and Mexican and it was very delicious. That shredded pork becomes so tender that it is falling apart. And my mouth is watering looking at the quesadillas, that slow roast meat that exists in the world because this BBQ Pork Quesadilla is so. dang. delicious.

I'm an enthusiast of calamari, so I didn't skip to taste their 5 Spice Calamari. If it's not your fave then this recipe is not for you. If you love it like I do this is orgasmic! For a great variant choice of squid delicacy to the LOVELY dipping sauce (perfectly made) very impressive. Dipping is fundamental. Deelish!

For the drinks, I love the Blood Orange Mint Fizz.  

Nomad restaurant solely focuses with the best local produce sourced from the local area and Davao-wide to produced seasonal menus for the restaurant and functions. And soon, chef's will prepare their cakes and pastries for desserts daily to ensure a fresh experience for you and for hotel guests. Since their menu is put together by being inspired from different cuisines from around the world - the menu is close to a Nomad.

Specialty handcrafted cocktails and single-malt whiskies are also gonna be available to the Davaoeños soon. Transforming the industrial, modern and hip interior into a speakeasy lounge from 10pm onwards.


It's a contemporary/playful take on modern comfort food working cohesively with the ambiance and environment - it's FUN & HIP yet refined in a way, but never intimidating.


Perfectly stunning restaurant just inside Asrodel Hotel with an minimalistic elegance tinged with a bit of NYC edge. Simply magnificent. Great ambiance.

The service is warm and professional. Amazing staff indeed.

Just a recommendation, if you can add coffee in your menu.

Superb food -an absolute delight from start to finish! Would highly recommend the main course also - stunning exquisite!

Treat yourself & enjoy the newest and most amazing Davao City dining experience available only here at NOMAD DVO.

For more information, visit NOMAD DVO Facebook Page

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