Macao Imperial Tea Opens First Franchise Branch at SM Lanang Premier

Do you like ChaTime or Happy Lemon? To some Milk Tea connoisseurs, this question of affiliation is arguably the most contentious subject to broach with like-minded friends - possibly resulting in hours of heated debate with no resolution in sight.

However, the introduction of Macao Imperial Tea here in Davao City could somewhat alleviate the tension, if you have friends who like their teas with a "milk cap".

ChaTime fans will tell you that they love the sweet and rich cream foam that goes so well with their signature milk tea, while Happy Lemon "Salted Cheese" fanatics will insists the slightly salty cream packs with more punch. Here at Macao Imperial Tea, I'm pleased to share to you that they offer both types of cream capped tea options!

MACAO IMPERIAL TEA (MIT) is a global milk tea brand from Macau, with over 200 branches worldwide. The shop offers tea, coffee, and sodas plus cakes and snacks. This is the first franchise branch here in Davao City located at SM Lanang Premier and soon to open a branch at the south side area.

The names of their cream is already sends shivers down my spine, urging me to try and taste their offers. I mean who can resist Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, Soda, Coffee, Mpresso and their Special Drinks with cute bear tumbler. Goodness, describing their creams as artisan just merely comes close.

If you are concerned about Macao Imperial Tea's affordability. See menu 

SODA (served iced)

A good alternative to "Popular Sodas", here at MIT they uses less sugar plus natural sweeteners coming from the fresh fruits or fruit syrup. These sodas tastes super fresh and reasonably virtuous.

My personal recommendation: OVER THE RAINBOW, three different flavors mix into perfection, giving you the soothing & refreshing drink in one. 


CREAM CHEESE (can be served iced)

Cream Cheese OREO MILK TEA, slight-sweet drink that is super creamy with faintly floral tea notes, and smoothie-like consistency. Whoever had this idea to add crushed Oreo cookies to the mix is a pure genius.

My personal recommendation: Go for black pearls add-on.


SPECIAL DRINK (served with iced)

A cool and enjoyable way to have tea time with your love-one, try their FOR YOU (Caramel Macchiato) and FOR ME (Strawberry Milk Tea) - a perfect drink for couple! These drinks come in a cute re-usable bear tumbler. Both flavours are delicious, but I personally recommend the Strawberry Milk Tea.

FOR YOU (Caramel Macchiato) and FOR ME (Strawberry Milk Tea)
PHp195 each

NOTE: You can bring your tumbler for your next visit, for different kind of drinks less PHp5 and for the same choice of drinks less PHp10.

SPECIAL DRINK (served hot)

Kitten Milk Tea - PHp130

Ginger Milk Tea - PHp195

But if you are not convinced yet, there are lots of varieties at MIT to choose, the likes of...

Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea - PHp100

16oz PHp165
24oz PHp180

Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea - PHp105 

Kumquat Lemon Tea - PHp120

After I tried Macao Imperial Tea different series, I fell in love with their milk tea! Honestly, I thought the serving size is smaller as compared to the rest of the milk tea shop I've visited. Plus the packaging is so attractive too. I will definitely stop by to get another milk tea, that was how addictive I got.

They also serve cakes and breads and soon they will add another menu that you and your family will enjoy.



Blueberry Cake - PHp140






Everything is very affordable here and it is an easy, quick take out spot.

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Photo credit: The Next Minimalist

Special thanks to Ms. Irene Quizon Co (Franchise Owner of Macao Imperial Tea in Davao) for inviting #TeamDDI


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