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It was a day of rejoicing when the City Mayor of Davao City takes the highest post in the land. Mayor Rody Duterte, the President-elect of the Republic of the Philippines, becomes the frontier of all the newspapers from negative publicity and good publicity. 

Well, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as negative publicity. All publicity is good if it is intelligent. The only thing worse is that when something is being told or uttered no one pays attention - NO ONE NOT BEING TALKED ABOUT!

Just like the Hidden Food Treasure located at J. Luna St., fronting Mini-Forest Park Davao City - Sana's Carinderia (Original Kabawan) owned by Sana Sagosoy Valles.

Photo Credit to Alon Juinio Manguiob

I admit I haven't been to this place and I even don't have an idea that this carinderia existed. But when CNN Philippines feature this go-to eatery place of our Mayor and his family,  I am curious as how convenient this place is.

"Sana's Carinderia a simple and not fancied resto but her quality of dishes is commendable", according to Mr. Yoke Mzno

Yoke Mzno one of the attendees of the 2016 Philippine Culinary Cup held at SM Lanang Premier. Who also shared his experience at Sana's together with Philippine Celebrity Chefs.

Photo credit: Yoke Mzno

If not of the featured video from CNN Philippines about Sana's Carinderia, who will ever think or care that this is located here in Davao City. That the carinderia has been in business for almost 43 years. That we have this kind of a restaurant, but never been talked about - how good the food they served!

One of the best served menu of Sana's Carinderia is the BEEF TAPA and BULALO.

Here's the video from CNN Philippines by Ina Andolong.

The hidden food treasure no more, it was unveiled for everyone to taste its menu.

Watch video!

For the exact and detailed location, click this >>> SANA'S CARINDERIA

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  1. Likewise here, I have no idea that it existed until it became popular during the May 2016 elections,

    Pal, we have a new video in YouTube, perhaps you can check it out

    Thanks a lot Pal!