Mergrande Ocean Resort Restaurant Menu

The Mergrande Ocean Resort was established July 2000,  formerly known as Villa Victoria. Amidst pandemic, it reopened again last May 1, 2022 and launched their added attraction — Mergrande Eco Park.

The word MER is actually a combination of the owner's name, Mercy and Ernie Evangelista.

A little bit of a trivia, MER is a French word that means the sea and GRANDE is a Spanish word that means great or grand, thus MERGRANDE means great sea.

The resorts sit on an 8.8 hectare piece of beach front and land. It has 48 overnight cottages, 6 function rooms, a dome suited for weddings and debut, a pool, an open hut for picnics and day tours, their newest attractions – the Mergrande Eco Park. But, aside from all of these, when you talk about vacation and relaxation, food cannot be opted out! That's why, their restaurant is one of the attractions in the resort. Though food, lechon and drinks don't have corkage, but if you don't feel bringing, no problem at all.


Great food, big serving and affordable!

Their restaurant is very spacious, though it's not the regular restaurant you've seen in downtown Davao. The restaurant has a beach view, that is so relaxing while eating. Seats can only accommodate around 24 to 30 person's. If I will rate the cleanliness of the restaurant only, my rate is 4 out of 5.

The food here really tastes great. The prices are very affordable, because it's cheap and I've been eating here way back Villa Victoria (old name of Mergrande) era. 😁🤞 And I can say that they serve huge servings. 1 serving can be eaten by 2 persons (still depends on the appetite of the person).

The dishes are mostly Filipino food. The rate range from P75-P350 which is not bad at all. I will rate the food for a perfect 5.

By the way, if you stay here for a night they cater until 9PM, they also deliver food within the area/room. Well, just a heads up! Base on our experience way back 2010, if you really that hungry and you cannot wait for 15-20 minutes for food, my advice is to have a "baon" food just in case, because they normally serve 15-20 minutes or more especially when there are lots of customers in the restaurant. Why? Because they serve the food fresh and newly cooked.

Overall, I am satisfied with the service and the food. I really hope they do a major renovation of the restaurant for a change of ambiance.  😁🤞😉😘

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