Which Pan De Sal is your Presidential Bets #KamuningBakery #PresidentialSurvey #Breakfast #Bread #Food

Searching for more about Mayor Duterte post's and landed to this page, "Kamuning Bakery".

And was greatly surprised on how they conduct their Presidential Survey. Well, I guess, you already know about the 7/11 Presidential Survey, the '7-ELECTION GULP CUP 2016' results. This is the same survey but different approach. Instead of a drink, they prefer to choose a type of bread which represents us --- the FILIPINO'S. So what bread is that? PAN DE SAL or PANDESAL.

Pan de sal is the most popular bread here in the Philippines. A great partner for everything you love to eat at breakfast.

KAMUNING BAKERY is offering 6 varieties of pan de sal, all are pugon baked. And named each variety after the 2016 Philippine Presidentiables. Cost only PHp150 to PHp165.


A spicy burger pan de sal served with hot chocolates made here in Davao. Surely this will truly change and spice up your life!


A tuna pan de sal served with kape latte. The pan de sal that will be loved by people who are on a healthy diet.

Pan de ROXAS

A chicken sandwich served with kape Americano. Oh! Well, it speaks from himself indeed. If you want something that tastes like chicken, better try this!

Pan de BINAY

A local Filipino sausages called longganisa sandwich served with brewed coffee. Perfect for a lovely grab and go breakfast.

Pan de POE

A corned beef pan de sal served with mocha coffee. A taste of a foreign and local breakfast.

Still undecided? Well, there is a pandesal just for you...

Pan de NADA (or nothing)

Just a simple ham and cheese pan de sal served with brewed coffee.

Wanna know whose leading the Kamuning Bakery: Pan de sal survey? Click this link INQUIRER.NET
How about you? Who is your President?  Visit Kamuning Bakery now. They are located at #43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City. Open up to 12 midnight daily.

 Tel. #4127628, 9292216, 4161637, 4151692, 4126685, 4112311 and 3326066