KUSINA: Southern Comfort Food Haven Is on The Rise in Davao #MediaFoodAppreciation #KusinaSaSubli #DavaoCity

A cold afternoon in Davao City, last Saturday: I went early for the Media Food Appreciation, to see the place early and to have a good shot outside the place. Cold wind begun to blow and I was ready to propped my small blanket over my head. I ride a taxi, but decided to stop right in front the old ABS-CBN compound and ride a tricycle just to see the place clearly. I payed PHp10.00 for a ride going to Subli St. Lanzona Subdivision.

We turned onto Subli St., past an empty storefront with many signage's in front. Then I spotted a signage named "KUSINA", I asked the driver if that's already the Kusina sa Subli and he uttered: "Yes, Ma'am". A brief debate followed: "Is it open?", "Is anyone in there?", "How does the place looks like inside?" and "How does the menu looks?".

Kusina sa Subli opened in September of 2014. The owner, Jessica Ongkingco, a young entrepreneur who loves exploring new flavors and a big food lover. At her age, she developed her wit in acquiring things that she get from her family lineage. Aside from this, she managed and owned J2O Purified and Alkaline Water, KSS Mini Convenience Store and Laundry Shop and Residencia de Fernando, a family owned apartelle.

Her restaurant is both casual and meticulous: the kitchen over looks the Al Fresco Dining Area, a tables with umbrellas and a little potted plants.

The lighting is so soft, the way you will imagine that you are in a warm and cozy ambiance, with the sun light just peeking the window.

The place is closed for a while for renovation, but now it is finally opened with added facilities to cater more customers. Here, you can choose for a VIP KTV rooms either have a pool table or a videoke sound system.

Price Range:

  • PHp1,500 (1,000 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 8-10pax.

Videoke Room 1
  • PHp2,000 (1,500 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 10-15pax.

The Billiard/Pool Room
    PHp2,000 consumable  
  • PHp2,500 (2,000 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 15-20pax.

Videoke Room 2

All room rates are for 4 hours use. In excess, they will have an additional charge per hour.

 If you are living in the South, hungry and don't have strong aversion to typical and comfort foods, Kusina sa Subli is the right place to go. Yes, you're right! Kusina (kitchen in English) is a room where food is being prepared and cooked.

Media Practitioners, Food Enthusiast, Food Photo Hobbyists and Food Bloggers gather together to have an exquisite dinner: the grilled tuna and Pakfry, pork adobo, calamares, dynamite roll, chicken wings, chicken with white sauce. We drank Tropical Tea and Lychee Martini.

Photo by: RUDE WORLD

Chef Rowena stood in the kitchen, while Chef Frine answering a lot of questions from us.

I ask Chef Rowena about the interior design of the kitchen, a melodic lift of her voice answered, "It is very important to see their food being made and to see how customers response on the food being served.

As well as with Chef Frine, explaining to us the comparison of his South-side Burger and Chihuawing or Hot Chicken Wings Recipe he made for Kusina. According to him it was an experiment and never expected to have a version of low-southern comfort food cooking to work in Subli. That turns out to be a genuine dish that their customers appreciate it and also now a must try recipe in Kusina.

South-side Burger
PHp 150 comes with Tropical Tea

Tropical Tea

(Hot Chili Chicken Wings)

There's nothing very special about their menu, but what you will savor here is the way they produce an array of dishes that will remind you of home. A traditional way of cooking Grilled Tuna Panga, Tuna Belly and PakFry(Tuna Tail) which is define as a crowd pleaser!

Grilled Tuna Belly
Grilled Tuna Panga
PAKFRY (Fried Paksiw)
New to their menu is the Paella Negra.

Sacrificing the possibility of loving and getting to hold on to our traditions, been a lot of food taste about Paella and everyone can find an inspiration that people will love the oddness of such recipe, loving it to the fact that it's actually good in taste. A must try dish and I am sure your going to love this very exquisite recipe.

Having a restaurant in a Southern part of Davao, delivering Comfort Food Haven is cutting-off the boredom life in a southern sphere, a hidden secret no more at Kusina sa Subli.



That night in Kusina, we finished with a Lychee Martini, a Peanut Roll and a Maja Blanca made by The Royal Chef Eats, who avoids the cliches of having too much of sugars and create a delectable and mildly healthy fun sweetness to our palate.

Lychee Martini
PHp 150

Remember Ratatouille? The movie that connotes explicit idea, that all of us can cook. Well, I agree with it...all of us can cook but we do have different style and approaches in cooking our food.

There are lots of Hybrid restaurant that has become one of the new rules here in Davao City, since there is no leader, no authority, and rules to follow each chef has his/her own way of making his /her own tune.

Now, this is your time to explore Kusina Sa Subli way of delivering comfort food in the south.

Located at Subli St., Lanzona Subdivision (Landmark is the old ABS-CBN Compound) Matina, Davao City.
OPEN: LUNCH HOUR - 10am to 2pm
5:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight
Tel. No. 297-0237


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