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I was invited by Sir Jung Nam Ang, a friend from my SSC FB group to visit his friend coffee shop FROG Kaffee & Roasters located at Prime Square Torres St., fronting Yellow Fin Restaurant.

Screenshot from Frog Kaffee YOUTUBE Video

Without hesitation, I said YES. But I am going to invite my other colleagues in Media, Blogging and Vlogging industry. 

Since the roasting is usually scheduled at Monday night (because they personally roast their coffee beans once a week), we were scheduled to meet the owner at eight in the evening.


Upon entering, I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. If the owner would even know how to serve a decent coffee or not, or if the unintentional name of the coffee is "FROG" on the sign --- for me is ironic.

I love the atmosphere, it is like you are in Italy. With tons of hand-painted art works on the walls. And I am proud to say that the hand made paintings is made by a Davao Artist named Rey.

And the furniture's are exquisite Davao products from M. Tanoy Concept and MANA Davao.

I greatly admire their concepts in promoting their kaffee, this is not just a typical coffee shop, but they called it, the Pioneering THIRD WAVE kaffee shop in Davao City. Which means, they treat coffee beans as an artisanal ingredients and seeks to convey the flavor in the brewed coffee. 

We introduce ourselves to the owner Markus Ableitinger (an Austrian citizen) and Gina Ellorango (a Dabawenya, born and race at Davao Oriental). The owners are so friendly and always smiling. They truly love what they do. Apparently that night the in-charge for roasting got sick, instead of having us see how they roast their beans, Markus and Gina welcomed us with coffee drinks and coffee cakes while having a chit-chat with them.



A classic method that produces highly balanced flavor.

PHp 145/1 serving


An inventive method which uses gentle force of air pressure, brings out complex flavor.

PHp 145/1 serving

Aside from artisan coffee, we also try other coffee beverages they have:


Cappuccino Classic Plus PHp175
Cappuccino Classic PHp150


Espresso Frappe PHp185


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***Affogato is an Italian word for "to soak or drowned". A coffee-based dessert, scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of Espresso and Bailey's, this is PHp215/serving.


Coffee Pecan Pie 

My favorite! It taste heavenly, a bit of chocolate and espresso in each bite, making it so sweet..yummy...gooey pie. A delicious coffee dessert!

Cocomo Cheesecake

Since I don't have a nice shot with my Cocomo Cheesecake, I get this one at their Facebook Page.

Cappuccino Cheesecake

A delightfully rich coffee blended with cheesecake on a coco biscuit base finished with chocolates chips on the top. 

Espresso-Chocolate Lasagna

What make this so famous in their Kaffee is that, the smell and the taste is very tempting.

The first layer is a kind of a crust, that's sweetened with powder sugar and given body with a Cool Whip, added with the espresso.

The chocolate layer, is simple called a "pudding". A layer by layer or more than one sheet of a cake. This dessert does need sometime to chill before serving

Vienna Sacher-Torte 

Actually, this is not part of the parade of a coffee cake, but Markus (the owner) wants us to taste their famous traditional cake in Vienna called, VIENNA SACHER-TORTE. This cake is created in 1832 by Chef Franz Sacher. (read more here: Sacher-Torte)

The original Sacher-Torte recipe is a well-keep secret, known only to the confectioners at Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

Now, they are many version of Sacher-Torte, but this one is a replica of what does the cake taste and looks like.

This cake is good for those who doesn't like sweet cakes. Indeed a good companion for coffee.

More information about Frog Kaffee, click video below:

Love to say that this is the best coffee shop that gives pure and fresh coffee experience here in Davao City. With the fast and free internet that they have, you will surely enjoy your stay here drinking coffee and good place to hang out, study, date, etc... The metropolis down the street is always packed and crowded, but this place is way better.

Go here, try this place. The staff is very relaxed and friendly. The coffee is the BEST and it hits the spot without hitting your wallet.

#TheFooders Batch 1 with the owner Markus and Gina

FROG - means Fresh Roast Of Great Coffee. That' s it!


And for those who like to join the contest, you can share your most creative Frog Kaffee photo by sharing it via FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM using the hashtag #frogkaffee.

*The most creative photo will win and get special prizes!

**There will be 1 winner for Instagram and 1 winner for Facebook. 

***To be announce this January 31, 2016 in the evening. 

Visit their FACEBOOK Page or 

Sunday 10am to 12midnight
Monday to Thursday 9am to 12:30am
Friday and Saturday 9am to 1am

Also accept cake orders:
So order early,  should have it in 2 to 3 days except Sunday.


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    1. Why not start making a food blog...that will be good George. You are not just simply eating but also promoting your food in your country at the same time. Thanks.

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