Potato Corner: THE FRESH AND ORIGINAL FLAVORED FRENCH FRIES at SM ANNEX Davao Ecoland #GetSome #PotatoCorner

Satisfy your french fries craving for a light snack that you will surely make you ask for more!

Potato Corner is the first one who introduces flavored french fries in the Philippines and open its first kiosk outlet in 1992. In 1993 they began opening their door for franchising. For 3 consecutive years, receiving an award as Franchise of the Year for Food Category, Potato Corner was Awarded as the Franchise Hall of Fame by the Philippine Franchise Association and the Department of Trade and Industry in year 2003.

A total of 306+ Potato Corner outlets all over the world, 18 stores in Indonesia, 11+ store in USA, 1 each in Malaysia and Panama and 170+ outlets in the Philippines, and one of this is located at the 2nd Floor of SM ANNEX Davao.

What I like about their french fries is that, it is not greasy or limp as you usually see at the fast food chain. They use vegetable oil in cooking their fries, which is absolutely NO TRANS FAT!


Using 100% IDAHO Potatoes, that are cut in to a right length and width, giving you the perfect fry every day.

IDAHO Potatoes are potato grown in the America state of Idaho, it has one variety called Russet Burbank. These are the perfect potatoes for french fries.

For product flavors and sizes:

If they only have all the products in their store, I will surely have tried  all of these flavors. But unluckily,  available fries that time are only the regular, large, jumbo and mega fries. So I go with the JUMBO FRIES cheddar flavor, which is very affordable, for only PHp 75.

Ready for take-out.

Where: 2nd Floor SM Annex Davao Ecoland

Flavors: Barbeque, Cheddar, Sour cream and onion, chili barbeque, and ranch'o cheddar






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