Who Loves Cararoons

I super love cakes and pastries!

I've been looking at the internet to find a solution to end my sugar cravings have been struggling with like a sort of sugar addiction. Hahahaha! I really need a sugar buzz.  I crave for sweet something to eat because I want to give myself a mild euphoria, a jolt, a hit or something that will help me alleviate my feelings. An injection of sweetness. 

But anyway, as I search for the answer I found a post on my Facebook friend a picture of yumminies.

(C) Fotografia Jal

So love macaroons! Without hesitation I contacted him and made my orders, but I was intrigue on what he divulge to me.  This is not a simple macaroons, they named it CARAROONS.

What is a Cararoons? A combine name from CARAMEL and MACAROONS, trademarked brand name owned by the IMAL Cakes and Pastries. (Meaning do not use/copy the name to market or sell your copycat products.  Use of this name will be ground for TradeMark infringement.)

Cararoons is a special macaroons but with a twist, they have flavored macaroons the like of durian and cheese.

Cararoons is different from CUSTAROONS. Cararoons has no flour added, while custaroons uses flour for its ingredients.

Regular Cararoons
12pcs for only PHp100

Though I ordered the Regular Cararoons that they have, but when I try to taste it, it is a different macaroons I ever tasted!  

What a blast!  Something is different with the taste of their cararoons compared with other macaroons in the market.  It's so dense and rich and almost taste like a yema.

Sugar cravings has ended with this yummy product from Imal Cakes and Pastries, but this craving doesn't mean I am depriving myself not to eat sweets pastries and cakes again. 

Actually I ordered another product from IMAL, their famous Chocolate Moist Squarecake.

PHp 200
(C) Fotografia Jal

Thanks you so much Jal for giving me time to taste your goodies.  I super love it, at first I was skeptical to taste it, but your Cararoons + the FREE OATMEAL COOKIES that you gave me turn out awesome. I am so pleased with the Cararoons and the price is so cheap too.  So happy I choose your baked goodies.

For orders contact this number: 09068861004 or visit FB Fotografia Jal 


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