Mango and Chocolate Crepe at Cafe Demitasse

Have you been to a place that made you warmed and relaxed?  If not, why not visit CAFE DEMITASSE, where most of the people went to have a relaxing and warmed time with friends, relatives, officemates, etc.

CAFE DEMITASSE is located along F.Torres St.,Davao City. The place has rooms to accommodate bigger gatherings, the likes of 20-25 people. A cool and fun place to meet people or just being by yourself taking in a relaxing mode listening to music while busy doing chit chatting friends at the social media because of the UNLIMITED FREE WiFi they offered in the cafe.(photos here)

They offers a variety of hot and cold blended coffee, juices, drinks, frappes and smoothies. The mouth watering cakes that you will surely love and the sumptuous meal that they serve that will allure you to order or come back for more!

(1) Strawberry Smoothies = PHp115
(1) Vanilla Smoothies = PHp115
 + Bolognese Pasta = PHp156

My most favorite crepe in town!  The Choco Mango Crepe or what is known for the MANGO and CHOCOLATE CREPE of CAFE DEMITASSE.

Mango and Chocolate Crepe PHp110

CREPE is a type of a very thin pancake, made from all-purpose flour.  

It is a healthy dessert, good for the entire family. This is our all time favorite way to eat our mango and chocolate crepes here at Cafe Demitasse. My kids honestly can't get enough. Super love the fillings, the sweet mangoes plus added with a chocolate syrup and a vanilla ice cream make this dessert THE BEST CREPE I've ever tasted!

Prices are reasonable, it will fit your budget.

Another thing that I like about this place is the CUSTOMER SERVICEYou will never experience a dull moment while staying here because the STAFF will take good care of you, they make sure that your orders are being served well.

Experience it now, with hospitable staff and clean, comfortable, quiet, cozy cafe just what you wanted.






  1. Their crepes looks really tasty. I'm sure everybody would have a grand time here.

  2. I,m drooling right now for those crepes. Mango and Chocolate crepe, TYPE:)

  3. I suddenly remember the first crepe I ever made in our baking class. mango crepe is yummy!!!!!!!

  4. I was making crepe before and really this is great....sweet! Really excellent because they're offering hot coffee and cold blended coffee.

  5. This cafe must be busy with so many people lingering for relaxation. You mentioned unlimited free wi-fi! Get me good food and cool drinks and I'm solved. :D

  6. Hope they'll have a branch here in Manila. I so love crepes:)
    Jeni G of Kalikotpepot