Serving Vegan Delights: Discover the Simplified Restaurant Experience at Made Simple in Davao City

Embracing the Green Delights In this modern era of dietary trends and conscious consumption, it is not uncommon to encounter individuals who adhere to various dietary choices. While some may opt for vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, others continue to indulge in the consumption of meat. Such is the case with the individual at hand, who unabashedly admits to partaking in the consumption of pork, chicken, beef, and fish meat in a world where alternative protein sources are present.

In the bustling city of Davao, amidst the vibrant culinary scene, lies a hidden gem that caters to the discerning palates of vegetarian enthusiasts. Allow me to introduce you to Made Simple Restaurant, a haven for those seeking delectable plant-based dishes. Nestled on the second floor of CT Drive, Tulip Drive, Matina, this establishment is a testament to the growing demand for vegetarian options in the region.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Oppo Reno8 T series Media Launch, a grand event that took place at the prestigious Made Simple venue. In a fortuitous turn of events, it was I who had the pleasure of recommending this establishment to Ms. Cora Ko, one of the PR staff. However, I must confess that this is my first visit to the restaurant, and I find myself utterly captivated by its charm and allure.

In a world where elegance and sophistication are often elusive, there are rare moments when one encounters an atmosphere that exudes these qualities effortlessly. Such is the case with the vibes I have seen inside the restaurant.

Behold, dear readers, a glimpse into the captivating world of Made Simple Restaurant, as captured through the lens of their Facebook page. Feast your eyes upon these carefully curated photos, which offer a tantalizing overview of the wonders that await within the confines of this culinary haven.

Yours truly absolutely adores the location. Ah, the allure of coziness—a sentiment that warms the heart and beckons us to seek solace in the embrace of our surroundings. Such is the case with this particular establishment, where comfort reigns supreme. And yet, as with any culinary haven, not all offerings manage to capture our taste buds with equal finesse. As an avid connoisseur of culinary delights, I couldn't help but share my personal musings on the delectable fare presented at the recent event. Hence, I have taken it upon myself to pen this blog, wherein I shall divulge my highly esteemed recommendations for the dishes that were graciously served to us.





ITALIAN HERBED CHICKEN & MASHED POTATOES served with a side of Cherry Tomatoes and Grilled Kale


To be honest, I'm not particularly interested in fine dining. The level of formality is incredibly intense, beyond what I can even imagine. But the servers are excellent! They know what they are doing.

When it comes to food, I have a discerning palate and can only choose dishes that are perfect for my taste. The food served at this restaurant is unexpectedly delicious. Although there are many options to choose from, I can only select a few dishes that I highly recommend.

The appetizer they serve is MUSHROOM PATE. What I love about this dish is that it is made with mushrooms, onions, herbs, cheese, and olive oil. Mushroom pate is a great option for individuals who avoid pate due to its liver content, as it does not contain any meat.

The mushroom pate is served with toasted bread. That is absolutely perfect! Simply spread the pate onto the bread, and you're done!

Next on the menu is their BUTTERED CABBAGE. I believe it is prepared by baking or roasting the cabbage with butter. Although my mother also cooks a similar dish, this one seems to have a unique twist. They placed something on top that I am unable to identify, but it is excessively salty for my taste. I personally find the cabbage quite enjoyable.

When it comes to the drinks, my discerning palate led me to opt for the intriguing combination of CARROT AND OREGANO. Where drinks reign supreme, one peculiar concoction has managed to captivate the masses with its deceptive appearance. At first glance, it bears all the hallmarks of a classic cocktail, enticing the senses with its vibrant colors and tantalizing presentation. However, upon closer inspection, one realizes that this particular elixir is devoid of any alcoholic content. Yes, my dear readers, we find ourselves in the presence of a non-alcoholic marvel that challenges our preconceived notions of how the flavors dance upon the palate, captivating the senses with their enchanting symphony.

I found myself savoring the exquisite flavors of the ITALIAN HERBED CHICKEN AND MASHED POTATOES, along with a tantalizing side of Cherry Tomatoes and Grilled Kale, in a delightful culinary journey. The main course, a true masterpiece, showcased the artistry of Italian cuisine by expertly blending fragrant herbs with succulent chicken and creamy mashed potatoes. The dish was elevated further by the vibrant burst of flavor from the juicy cherry tomatoes and the smoky essence of the grilled kale. Each bite was a harmonious symphony of tastes, leaving me yearning for more. It was a truly memorable dining experience, where every element on the plate danced together in perfect harmony, creating a culinary masterpiece that will linger in my taste buds for days to come.

In the world of delightful desserts, where there are no limits to indulgence, I found myself confronted with a dilemma. Unfortunately, I longed for the indulgent and smooth sensation of chocolate on my taste buds, but I was unable to satisfy this craving due to my dietary limitations. Undeterred, I set out on a quest to find an alternative that would satisfy my craving for dessert. After thoughtful deliberation, I decided to indulge in a delightful combination that would undoubtedly satisfy my taste buds: a decadent cake paired with an array of mouthwatering cookies. These delicious treats, although they don't contain the coveted cocoa bean, promise to provide a symphony of flavors that can rival even the most decadent options. When it comes to delicious desserts, it is impossible to resist the charm of a skillfully made cake. The moist layers of this cake, beautifully decorated, truly showcase the exceptional skill and artistry of the baker. Amongst the array of delightful flavors, there is one hidden gem that truly captivates my taste buds: the cookies. Oh, the cookies! These bite-sized wonders are incredibly charming and impossible to resist. With every delicate morsel, a symphony of textures and flavors unravels, leaving one longing for more. One cannot help but be enamored by the irresistible appeal of indulging in its delectable flavors and relishing its delightful crunchiness. The pleasure one experiences from savoring this culinary masterpiece is truly unmatched.

The ambiance of the place is truly captivating, exuding an air of undeniable coolness and elegance. As a self-professed non-aficionado of fine dining, I must admit that my perspective has recently undergone a transformation. The emergence of vegan cuisine as a new and alluring option has increased the allure of this culinary world. With its emphasis on health and wellness, it has become an appealing choice for those seeking a more wholesome lifestyle.

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