Twin Herb Bistro + Cafe

Davaoeños are always in search of something new just to satisfy their cravings. Alas! There's a new restaurant that offers good food and good ambiance as well, we stumbled upon TWIN HERB BISTRO + CAFE, located along Bajada St., fronting Davao Water District.

The place is so simple looking at the outside, but when you get inside it's amazingly instagrammable. The green plants are eye catching, you feel that you're like in a garden having a great day in a place far away from the city.

TWIN HERB BISTRO+CAFE is owned by Attorney Tating Cabañero — who also behind the kitchen as a Chef. She told us that the name of the store came from an idea, that her mom has a TWIN and they used HERB in most of their dishes. With her love and passion in cooking food, and the likes of her families and friends to see her cooking make her more inspired in making good cuisines and everyone loves her food indeed, that's why, TWIN HERB was born.

Twin Herb is the new bistro + cafe at the Northern side of Davao City that serves local and international cuisines and what I like more about it, the way they prepare the food — very presentable. They do fusion food, but still emphasize the original taste of the dish, very delicious in my palate that you can't resist to come back again.

Here are my chosen favorite dishes at Twin Herb, though they give us more on this to taste, but I prefer these on my list:

If you're going to visit the North side of the city, please do come and dine at TWIN HERB Bistro + Cafe. I highly recommend these foods & drinks, because it really satisfies my cravings.

Price is reasonable, suited a budget meal good for 2 and more meals palate.

Not just a big place right now, but soon to open their second floor to cater to big crowds, like meetings, birthdays, etc.,  Incredible menu and excellent dishes are served and we couldn't say which was the best; all are so good!

The location is easy to find, fronting DCWD Bajada and parking area is right outside the restaurant.

Staff were very friendly and helpful. Love the family atmosphere.

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 11pm.

Congratulations TWIN HERB BISTRO + CAFE, wish you success and love to visit your place again and again. Thank you!

Watch video here: Twin Herb Bistro + Cafe