The Famous Belgian Waffles at SM ANNEX

My first bite of the Famous Belgian Waffles happened at the City Triangle. But when we revisited the place the next month, the kiosk has already gone.

I was happy to see that they had open a branch here at SM ANNEX.

As you enter the ground floor of SM ANNEX you will see this kiosk, who sells an innovative grab and go waffles that comes in with several filings like chocolates, peanut butter, caramel, blueberry, hazelnut, ham & cheese, banana and chocolate, strawberry and a lot more.

Still flock with customers waiting for their queue.

It has a simple dining area, with wooden interiors and furniture's that looks like a kindergarten atmosphere. Very warm and inviting.

Waffles smells great and they really taste good too! I had Banana Chocolate Caramel waffle sandwich and Banana Hazelnut waffle sandwich for my daughter.


This toasted waffles has banana inside and chocolate-caramel sauce.

PHp 55


This Hazelnut spread is their best seller for a reason. Waffwich is warm, crispy added with banana shape like a coin.

PHp 55

We've tasted both sandwiches and there are all perfectly crispy and delicious in every bite.

And if you're a type of a person that like a Go-On-Grab-a-Food meal anytime of the day, well this is for you!


  1. Wow! ang interior pinoy na pinoy ang dating. And mukhang yummy ito...BANANA HAZELNUT.. Sana meron din nyan sa amin.

  2. The Belgian Waggles looks so tasty. I like that it combines fruity taste and other sweets.

  3. I usually passed by this kiosk while at SM Mall but haven't had a chance to try them out. I'll consider your reco and would try that Banana Hazelnut one of this days.

  4. Famous Belgian Waffles is really delicious and affordable too. We always have the choco hazelnut.

  5. There is a Famous Belgian Waffles' stall inside the building where I work. I love that it's cheap and tasty. My favorite flavor is peanut butter :)

  6. I love Belgian waffles! I always order the banana peanut butter there. I also love how each waffle always comes out crispy at the edges!

  7. Belgian Waffles is our go-to place when we crave for waffles. The smell itself is yummylicious :)

  8. I really love the aroma of this place. It is really hard to resist. ;)