Pizzamo Vibe Haus Newest Top Pizza and Bar Spot in Davao City


Pizzamo Vibe Haus is an everyman's pub at Davao City's located at the Fabie Bldg., Pelayo St., fronting UCCP. A warm and convivial residence in the city's core where family, friends, and neighbors gathered to enjoy vibrant conversation, excellent food, and fine spirits and drinks. Pizzamo Vibe Haus is a new pizza bar in Davao City.


Pizzamo was founded prior to the pandemic. Owners decided to close the store because of its poor location. The fact that ONLINE DELIVERY was so well-known at that time prompted him to reopen in the midst of a pandemic. As a means of extending his reach outside the confines of Metro Manila, he turned to franchising.

By bringing a little bit of luxury and excitement to the bar scene in Davao, Pizzamo Vibe Haus has gradually gained a following. High-end customers as well as locals enjoy the premium atmosphere and extensive liquor selection at this establishment.


I had a dream of turning Pizzamo Pizza and Vibe Haus into a pizza bar with memorable beverages and food. With music, wonderful drinks, food, and positive VIBES, I intend to provide you the greatest and most enjoyable experience imaginable. Come and experience the fun, good vibes, and OHANA of the New Pizzamo Vibe Haus!


Located in the center of the city, Pizzamo Vibe Haus is a mellow, chill out bar. Comfortable chairs and a view of the city's main thoroughfare make this a great spot to sit back and relax. It's an open bar, so you'll be able to keep an eye on what's going on around you. Rather than being in a hidden room or an enclosed space like in a typical pub. At night, there's always an excellent acoustic band playing. In comparison to other hotel and lounge bars, the cost of drinks and snacks here aren't outrageous. Food is wonderful, too! Their Shawarma pizza, nachos, and pork sisig are among of my favorites.

If you're looking for a fun night out, I definitely recommend Pizzamo Vibe Haus. Excellent service, friendly employees, and a great location. Check it out and you'll understand what I mean.

Open from 1PM to 1AM.

Avail their KADAYAWAN PROMO "Buy 2 Pizza, Take 1 Pizza for FREE for only P380."