Food A Big Influence To Our Lifestyles

What we eat is who we are... or We are what we eat...

We always take heed this quote, but we don't know what the true meaning of this.

This is not what we called GLUTTONY, but the action on how we understand ourselves through food. FOOD is associated with family, with festivity, with guilt and shame, with the sources and rhythms of life and human significance in the world.

...sometimes we feel guilty for what we do and we feel shame for what we are ...

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As you see, Filipinos love to eat RICE and MEAT, but it doesn't signify that we are what we eat, doesn't mean we can't change, by avoiding or minimizing the carbohydrates and fatty food that we adore so much!

Now that we have entered a new consciousness, a new era to HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. We are informed of the risk of the food we intake in choosing a well-balanced, safe and healthful diet. We take seriously our responsibility to monitor and minimize risks with the food we take.

I know this is a tough problem to deal with, giving up or minimizing rice and meat isn't just giving up a tasty food but also giving up our CULTURE and TRADITION. Because this is our notion, we grow up with this food and we believe that the way we eat is the basic fundamental of our understanding of ourselves.

FOOD TRADITION started during our CHILDHOOD years, our memories, and our activities. Everything or anything that subject to our identity with our possessions and the things around us that gives us a sense of who we are.

FOOD really is a BIG INFLUENCE to our LIFESTYLES.      

Can these traditions change? Yes, we can. Well, it is so hard to change food tradition, we cannot easily say, "HEY STOP EATING RICE or MEAT.." but we need to try another thing like a DIETARY CHANGE.  A new option, new recipes with new ingredients.


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Already happening now, many are doing this kind of change in their food lifestyle.   


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According to a study, EGGS are among the most nutritious foods on earth. Often referred as the 



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BROWN RICE is more healthier compared to WHITE or the ordinary RICE we usually eat. Brown rice is more lighter and easier to digest in the stomach.

These are some of the options you can consider if you no longer want to have an ordinary RICE or MEAT serve as your meal.

You can actually alter your food habits, you only need to have proper discipline so that you can create systems the right way.

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