Cafe 1228 at New World Makati Hotel

It's a fantastic experience being a part of Miss Teen Philippines Organization, in which I cannot believe that last month I was exactly staying at a luxurious hotel, a destination right in the heart of the city, NEW WORLD MAKATI HOTEL.

The hotel gives you the best and the finest luxury accommodations and has a good location with stunning city views right across the street from lively Greenbelt area of Ayala Center.  

And for dining experience, you should try their trendy and yet informal service by CAFE 1228

An extensive buffet with an interactive live cooking stations, with full a la carte menu for all day dining.  

I have the chance to visit the said cafe early morning before they open and cater their guests.

As you enter, you will see the BREAD STATION.

A parade of different types of delicious soft and crisp bread.


Next is the PRIME RIB STATION together with the bacon, sausages and ham, etc...

Most of the foreign meal you can see here in this station.


right beside is their CURED MEAT STATION


That time, I crave for Filipino food
such as ADOBO and TAOGI or Mongo Sprout.


The wasabi thing and more about Japanese food.

The place is quite big and can accommodate small parties and family gatherings.

My favorite area inside CAFE 1228

Miss Teen Philippines Candidates area

I am not satisfied with their service at the cafe, because I don't know why, maybe because they are all busy cooking and they forget that there are some bowl that are half or already empty and they forget to refill it. 

The suggestion here is to put someone to see to it that there will be no empty bowl or ware in their assigned station. 

All in all my experience is great! It's like that I am in my own house wherein I can see my mom as the Chef cooking her own delicacy. 

It's a huge kitchen buffet where food is prepared from scratch to a tasteful dishes, that are cook in an exemplary and freshly cooked to perfection!

Staying here is a part of my wonderful journey with Miss Teen Philippines and it's one of the finest experience in my life.  

Cafe 1228 is located at the ground floor of the hotel near the so called, THE SHOP and THE LOUNGE.

THE SHOP sells more of their cupcakes, cakes, wine, confectioneries, etc...


One must visit this hotel especially CAFE 1228, to know what a luxurious hotel is all about.




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