Barrio Obrero is already a commercialized place, I've noticed many establishments the likes of INTERNET CAFE'S, MASSAGE CLINIC and SPAS and many retails outlets and restaurants are being constructed.

One of these restaurant that is already OPEN is BARRIO BISTRO RESTAURANT, located at Lacson St.,Bo. Obrero, Davao City.


The place is so small but you will be surprised upon entering the place they have FUNCTION ROOMS that can cater 30-50 people depending on the room selections. 

Room A
15 - 20 People

• Two (2) hours of use
• Fee : PhP2,000.00 (Consumable)
• add : PhP 500.00 per hour in excess of two (2) hours or a fraction thereof

Room B
20 - 25 People

• Two (2) hours of use
• Fee : PhP3,000.00 (Consumable)
• add : PhP 800.00 per hour in excess of two (2) hours or a fraction thereof
Room C (Rm A+B)
25 - 50 People

• Four (4) hours of use
• Fee : PhP8,500.00 (Consumable)
• add : PhP1,000.00 per hour in excess of four (4) hours or a fraction thereof

In our case, the group select ROOM A. This is for The ATENEO DANCE TROUPE COWBOY and COWGIRL CHRISTMAS PARTY(story here).

BARRIO BISTRO is a simple place but very cozy establishment, good for intimate dining. It offers FREE Wi-Fi too.  And their staff are all great as well.  They also have an "AL FRESCO" area for SMOKING at the back of the restaurant.

The taste of their food are all satisfying.  We order these....

Cheesy Beef Nachos

Tuna Sashimi 

Taco Pizza 

and a lot more....

And were not mistaken with our choices.  Tasty and great especially their BABY BACK RIBS so tender meaty, a bit spicy but the sauce so yummy.


PLACE: 4/5
FOOD: 5/5

By the way, BARRIO BISTRO is open everyday from 7 in the morning to 12 midnight.   


  1. I love Barrios Bistro! My friends and I enjoy going there :)

  2. I also love this pizza place! Glad to know they've opened a new branch that is near where I work :)