The Bowl with a CHOW


If not, then you should try it NOW!  You can call them thru online for delivery just click HERE.

It was a rainy day when my mother and I went shopping then suddenly we've stopped over a CHOWKING STORE and see this big poster.

Good thing because I am not allowed to eat pork that time I choose to order their FISH TAUSI BOWL with ICE TEA for only PHp 108.

Slices of breaded fish fillet with fried Chinese tofu all tossed in savory tausi sauce with a hint of  spiciness!

And for my mother her favorite, ORIENTAL BEEF BOWL with ICE TEA still at the same price with me PHp108 but she had her SENIOR CITIZEN CARD so she pay PHp 77.14 only. Nice to have that card too! Hehehehehe....

Tender Beef strips cooked in a sweet , savory sauce tossed in with the essence of ginger and scallions.
Served with sauteed vegetables and  boiled egg over a bowl of steamed rice.   

I love the FOOD at CHOWKING, very affordable and food serve fresh.  Indeed a CHINESE FEAST IN A BOWL, one of my most loved menu from CHOWKING. 

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