The beautiful island of Mindanao in the Philippines is home to the thriving city of Davao and the country's highest peak Mount Apo, rising to almost 10,000 feet. Full of intriguing and attractive places, Davao City offers its visitors and locals a wide variety of things to do, places to see and delicious food to eat. In the city center, one can stroll around People's Park and admire its colorful indigenous sculptures and lift-up fountains.

With a rich history influenced by many different cultures and a strong indigenous heritage, the cuisine of Davao City features a variety of skewered meat dishes like famous kinilaw, which is a ceviche-like dish made from tuna, mackerel and swordfish with cucumber and radishes marinated with vinegar. There are also dishes prepared with grilled pork belly, fruit dishes, snacks, and desserts made from durian and bananas. When visiting Davao City stay at the best locations and check out the list of some of the best eats in the area.



Being an island, Davao City is famous for serving some of the most varied and freshest seafood around. This includes quality tuna supplied directly from General Santos City which is the main source of the fish in the country. Marina Tuna Restaurant serve tuna in ten different ways, making use of all parts  of the fish in variety of delicious dishes. From a tuna sashimi, tuna kinilaw (a kind of ceviche) to tuna eye sour soup, grilled tuna belly, crispy tuna tail and tuna roe, you'll taste the freshness with a distinctive Philippine flavor.


Home of the durian and also of great coffee, Davao City has a coffee shop with a specialty based on this traditional fruit. Blugre Cafe is one of the pioneers of local coffee culture and they introduced the first ever durian coffee in the country, becoming a huge success immediately. Blugre blended coffee with the pulp of durian fruit and it has become one of the best ways to introduce the flavor to people who normally don't eat the fruit. Additional, they also brought durian to a whole different level by introducing their own version of durian cheesecake. However, they also serve more common coffee shop dishes and drinks to cater to all tastes.


The Modern Filipino Inspired Vikings SM Lanang Premier

For a feast like only a true viking would know how to do, visit Vikings Buffet. This spot is hugely popular among locals and visitors alike and once you sit down you'll see why. We know the buffet concepts sounds pretty cheesy, but trust us, this is a never ending gourmet cooking experiment that rarely disappoints. Gather up your troop and chow down like you never have before for a sinful explosion of food that will not let you stop eating until you are about to pass out.


Photo Credit: Ian Garcia

One of the most popular spots in Davao City for locally delicious street food is Roxas Avenue Night Market. Both locals and foreigners gather in this street market every night to satisfy their hunger and their cravings for a huge variety of dishes and treats that will make your taste buds on a ride. If you're looking for a bargain in delicious food after a night out in town, make sure to visit this avenue and savor all it has to offer.


Offering a delicious and expanded variety of grilled meat and seafood dishes to its customers and visitors, Taklobo Restaurant at Jack's Ridge Resort is one of the most visited and best known places around town. Here you'll have a real taste of authentic Davaoeño cuisine prepared fresh and with the best ingredients.


Find your way into the Bistro Selera to find a taste of Davao that will linger in your mind and on your tastebuds for a long time. Bistro Selera prides itself in delivering the very best of the region's specialties coupled with Davaoeño hospitality, you're bound to want to come back. Here you will find classic Filipino favorites and local specialties, from that first bite to freshly fried crispy pata, or the coolness of the mangosteen ice cream, you'll definitely find something to tickle your senses. This wonderful trip of flavors is complemented by a relaxing and intimate setting with friendly and attentive staff catering to your appetite like you really deserve.  


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Do you like ChaTime or Happy Lemon? To some Milk Tea connoisseurs, this question of affiliation is arguably the most contentious subject to broach with like-minded friends - possibly resulting in hours of heated debate with no resolution in sight.

However, the introduction of Macao Imperial Tea here in Davao City could somewhat alleviate the tension, if you have friends who like their teas with a "milk cap".

ChaTime fans will tell you that they love the sweet and rich cream foam that goes so well with their signature milk tea, while Happy Lemon "Salted Cheese" fanatics will insists the slightly salty cream packs with more punch. Here at Macao Imperial Tea, I'm pleased to share to you that they offer both types of cream capped tea options!

MACAO IMPERIAL TEA (MIT) is a global milk tea brand from Macau, with over 200 branches worldwide. The shop offers tea, coffee, and sodas plus cakes and snacks. This is the first franchise branch here in Davao City located at SM Lanang Premier and soon to open a branch at the south side area.

The names of their cream is already sends shivers down my spine, urging me to try and taste their offers. I mean who can resist Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, Soda, Coffee, Mpresso and their Special Drinks with cute bear tumbler. Goodness, describing their creams as artisan just merely comes close.

If you are concerned about Macao Imperial Tea's affordability. See menu 

SODA (served iced)

A good alternative to "Popular Sodas", here at MIT they uses less sugar plus natural sweeteners coming from the fresh fruits or fruit syrup. These sodas tastes super fresh and reasonably virtuous.

My personal recommendation: OVER THE RAINBOW, three different flavors mix into perfection, giving you the soothing & refreshing drink in one. 


CREAM CHEESE (can be served iced)

Cream Cheese OREO MILK TEA, slight-sweet drink that is super creamy with faintly floral tea notes, and smoothie-like consistency. Whoever had this idea to add crushed Oreo cookies to the mix is a pure genius.

My personal recommendation: Go for black pearls add-on.


SPECIAL DRINK (served with iced)

A cool and enjoyable way to have tea time with your love-one, try their FOR YOU (Caramel Macchiato) and FOR ME (Strawberry Milk Tea) - a perfect drink for couple! These drinks come in a cute re-usable bear tumbler. Both flavours are delicious, but I personally recommend the Strawberry Milk Tea.

FOR YOU (Caramel Macchiato) and FOR ME (Strawberry Milk Tea)
PHp195 each

NOTE: You can bring your tumbler for your next visit, for different kind of drinks less PHp5 and for the same choice of drinks less PHp10.

SPECIAL DRINK (served hot)

Kitten Milk Tea - PHp130

Ginger Milk Tea - PHp195

But if you are not convinced yet, there are lots of varieties at MIT to choose, the likes of...

Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea - PHp100

16oz PHp165
24oz PHp180

Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea - PHp105 

Kumquat Lemon Tea - PHp120

After I tried Macao Imperial Tea different series, I fell in love with their milk tea! Honestly, I thought the serving size is smaller as compared to the rest of the milk tea shop I've visited. Plus the packaging is so attractive too. I will definitely stop by to get another milk tea, that was how addictive I got.

They also serve cakes and breads and soon they will add another menu that you and your family will enjoy.



Blueberry Cake - PHp140






Everything is very affordable here and it is an easy, quick take out spot.

Team Davao Digital Influencers
Photo credit: The Next Minimalist

Special thanks to Ms. Irene Quizon Co (Franchise Owner of Macao Imperial Tea in Davao) for inviting #TeamDDI

Irasshaimase! If you want to look for a place where you can find almost all variety of Japanese food, then settle for nothing less than authentic! Within the busy compound of Matina Town Square is Omotenashi Japanese Hub - the first chill, communal Japanese food hub in Davao City, at the Ground Floor Level Unit 6-11 Ayala Business Center.

Owned by a Japanese businessman who came to the Philippines and plan to start up a food business, Omotenashi Japanese Hub CompanyThe idea is to boost authentic Japanese cuisine here in the Philippines, as a form for help also for his Japanese friends who are Itamaes (chef) and businessman as well.

Davao's newest destination for Washoku (Japanese cuisine) lovers. A restaurant created to allow customers to experience specialized Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.

Inside the hub, you will enjoy the whole theme as you experience different kind of authentic Japanese dining. Every stall has different specialties, as of now they only have three stalls Yakiniku Kojima in Davao, Takoyaki Samurai and Ninja Dining Group.

***Watch out for next year,  soon to open Authentic Ramen and delicious, fun and futuristic Japan's conveyor belt sushi. 


It's more on grilling side, but they also served soup and chili reimen.

They use special meat like Japanese best brand, WAGYU KOBE BEEF - that's so irresistible to eat. It is known for being one of the highest quality meats, not only in Japan but the world. If you are a meat lover, you know it's considered the epitome of fine dining.

Whether I am grilling or stir-frying ending up with tender, juicy, mouthwatering meat is always my goal. Achieving its texture is always easy when using the right kind of meat.

Kobe Beef/Wagyu Beef (Japanese)/Chicken/Tongue
Good for 3-4 personsPHp2,200

Beef (USA or AUSTRALIA)/Chicken/Tongue
Good for 3-4 persons

Beef (Local)/Chicken/Tongue
Good for 3-4 persons


The soup is so tasty and the noodle is so cold. You can feel the freshness right in your mouth. Also the kimchi inside the soup will tempt you to crave for more. So love this reimen that I have to get another scoop again and again.

(Super Hot Stone Grilled)

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean rice dish that are accompanied by cooked and fresh vegetables, sunny side up egg and beef (you can also sub for chicken or any other meat). That's why I am amaze to see this dish in a Japanese dining.

Beef rice bowl


I am very impress on how the Young Chef present his food. Very modern, but still it give you that authentic Japanese dish in a unique and very millennial way.

There Takoyaki comes from Osaka, Japan - the Mecca of Takoyaki!

There are five flavors to choose from Sauce & Mayonnaise, Garlic Mayonnaise, Teriyaki Sauce, Negi Shio Dare, and Chili Sauce.

Is not the usual Takoyaki we have here in Davao. The taste is very different, it has real octopus meat ingredients! Super "LAMI KAAYO" (very delicious), for me this is the authentic Takoyaki!!!
4pcs - PHp100
w/ cheese PHp120

8pcs- PHp150
w/ cheese PHp190

12pcs. - PHp180
w/cheese PHp240

16pcs. - PHp220
w/ cheese PHp300

20pcs. - PHp250
w/cheese PHp350

Okonomi Yaki is a Japanese hot plate pizza or a pancake. It is a thick layered dish with bread crust, fried cabbage, mayonnaise, fishflakes, and seaweed. I took a bite and found it to be just like the local takoyaki we have here in Davao City.

You can choose from regular, with cheese or spicy. Price range from PHp250-330.

Yaki Soba the fried noodle in sauce. Selling it as regular or spicy. Price Range from PHp180-240.

OTSUMAMI (Japanese Appetizer) Fried Gyoza PHp70.


More on the Sashimi, Sushi and Sushi Roll, they also serve ramen, Japanese dishes & appetizers, and donburi.

4pcs - PHp129
8pcs - PHp249

Your gonna love the SUSHI and the California Roll at Ninja Dining Group. And watching the chef takes time creating dishes is very entertaining!

Definitely, my new favorite sushi restaurant in Davao! Food is so fresh and delicious. 




It's a big place, so simple unassuming restaurant and it is very clean. The chef's and server where very, very friendly and exceptionally polite. Indeed they got it from its store name itself "Omotenashi" that means hospitality.


The food was exceptional, the sushi and the sashimi was super fresh and the tempura was crispy, we had Gyoza cooked to perfection -very tasty. The meat are so tender and juicy - it's a thumbs up! They brought out the P20K/kilo Kobe Beef as a treat it was superb! And we grilled it and eat it - all clear!

The servings are huge and the prices are good. Probably the best I've had at a Japanese restaurant in a while. This might be my new favorite Japanese restaurant in Davao.

My Say:

I really had a good dinner here, special thanks to the Food & Lifestyle Columnist Leebai Sinsuat Ambolodto of EDGE DAVAO, Restaurant Manager & Marketing Ms. Marites Evangelista Rebigan and to the General Manager of Omotenashi Japanese Hub Mr. Koji Kunimoto.

On scale of one to 10 I would give the Chef's a solid 12 - the food, service, freshness all top notch. I would not hesitate to recommend Omotenashi Japanese Hub to any one that loves Japanese food. Highly recommended this place.

Matina Town Square
G/F Unit 6-11 Ayala Business Center, MTS
McArthur Highway Matina, Davao City

LUNCH: 10am to 2:30pm
DINNER: 5pm to 12mn

For Reservation. please contact:

Tel. No. (082) 287-5983
Ms. Tess 09285526249
Ms. Jho 09177723751