This little-diner-that-called PASTANNI, offers Italian Street Food that serves pasta and piada.


Food lovers of pasta and piada line up for the innovative pasta sauces that suit the taste of the target market, the Filipino or the Italian Pinoy.

The decor is cute enough for a meet up and small group hang-outs, and the somewhat upscale food serving that most people associate with pasta or the so-called "Pasta Lovers" like me.

Small plates here are whimsical as if you are really on the street of Italy having a playful day together with a date or a group! The street scene feel is to make it more casual and more inviting to everybody to dine in, whether you are in a hurry or to feel the Italian way of having fun eating pasta.

I'm craving for Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce - got confused with their menu. And I ask for help from their staff since it's my first time to dine in at Pastanni.


One of the staff suggested their PASTA BOWL ( Spaghetti + Sauce + Fresh Tomatoes + Cheese) and since I am looking for a pesto I choose the Grilled Vegetables with Pesto for my sauce.

A pasta filled with roasted/grilled vegetable, so flavorful sauces a perfect thing on a hot day, especially paired with any of the beverages served at the kiosk.

***My verdict:

Given my love to pesto, so far, I have tried different kinds of pasta pesto, but Pastanni Pasta Bowl is a bit heavy, oily, but I love the taste of their Pasta with Pesto!

Indeed, pesto can instantly transform a tired pasta and change its sensation to a wonder delicious.

This tiny kiosk located at the Second Floor of Abreeza right besides Tinalak is turning out fantastic. BTW, Pastanni Abreeza will celebrates its 3rd year this October 11, 2016.

They also have PIADA ROLL, RISOTTO BOWL and a SALAD BOWL serve for a dine in or a take out that it worth a road trip.

Photo credit PASTANNI
I recommend sitting here while eating pasta and piada, while waiting for my friends/relatives shopping inside the mall. Sharing a smattering of small plates and sipping from fantastic beverage list.

2nd Floor Abreeza beside Tinalak
OPEN: 10am to 9pm

Searching for more about Mayor Duterte post's and landed to this page, "Kamuning Bakery".

And was greatly surprised on how they conduct their Presidential Survey. Well, I guess, you already know about the 7/11 Presidential Survey, the '7-ELECTION GULP CUP 2016' results. This is the same survey but different approach. Instead of a drink, they prefer to choose a type of bread which represents us --- the FILIPINO'S. So what bread is that? PAN DE SAL or PANDESAL.

Pan de sal is the most popular bread here in the Philippines. A great partner for everything you love to eat at breakfast.

KAMUNING BAKERY is offering 6 varieties of pan de sal, all are pugon baked. And named each variety after the 2016 Philippine Presidentiables. Cost only PHp150 to PHp165.


A spicy burger pan de sal served with hot chocolates made here in Davao. Surely this will truly change and spice up your life!


A tuna pan de sal served with kape latte. The pan de sal that will be loved by people who are on a healthy diet.

Pan de ROXAS

A chicken sandwich served with kape Americano. Oh! Well, it speaks from himself indeed. If you want something that tastes like chicken, better try this!

Pan de BINAY

A local Filipino sausages called longganisa sandwich served with brewed coffee. Perfect for a lovely grab and go breakfast.

Pan de POE

A corned beef pan de sal served with mocha coffee. A taste of a foreign and local breakfast.

Still undecided? Well, there is a pandesal just for you...

Pan de NADA (or nothing)

Just a simple ham and cheese pan de sal served with brewed coffee.

Wanna know whose leading the Kamuning Bakery: Pan de sal survey? Click this link INQUIRER.NET
How about you? Who is your President?  Visit Kamuning Bakery now. They are located at #43 Judge Jimenez Street corner K-1st St., Kamuning, Quezon City. Open up to 12 midnight daily.

 Tel. #4127628, 9292216, 4161637, 4151692, 4126685, 4112311 and 3326066

Come Together and Enjoy a Flavorful Experience 
at Choobi Choobi

If it’s one thing that brings Filipinos together, it’s our love for good food. Our sense of community and companionship is formed over sharing meals with each other. And if you’re a lover of fresh seafood, you’re in for a treat.

The only restaurant that uses fresh shrimp harvested in Cebu from the largest shrimp farm in the Philippines, Choobi Choobi brings a fresh and unique seafood dining experience to you. Imagine a fresh catch of seafood served to you in exciting, flavorful ways. There’s no need to catch a flight to Cebu to experience this because their leading restaurant is now in Manila.

Choobi Choobi owner Stan Tanchan’s dream is to provide Filipinos with export-quality shrimp at local prices. He has had his shrimp farm for over 20 years, but it was only later on that Choobi Choobi was born. He first began by exporting his shrimp. Stan’s passion for food combined with his dream translated into cooking—creating all the recipes himself. Choobi Choobi was born out of his love for food and sharing it with great company. Though shrimp is Choobi Choobi’s specialty, their menu boasts of Filipino comfort food that’ll have you saying, “lami kaayo!” even if you’re not Cebuano.

If it’s your first time at Choobi Choobi, you must try their Shrimp in a Bag. It is as the name suggests: a pound of shrimps served in a bag, but cooked in a variety of ways and oozes with their savory butter garlic sauce. You will want to pair it with their Cha Tao Miao—stir fried snow pea sprouts; crunchy and tasty, it’s the perfect side dish! If you want your shrimp a little bit different, why not try their other signature dish, Stan’s Black Pepper Shrimp? A pound of shrimp cooked in Stan’s special black pepper sauce. It’s another crunchy treat that will leave your taste buds happy with its abundance in flavor. Their other signature dishes include Lola Pepang’s Chicken—a hearty family fried chicken recipe passed down four generations; Chilean Mussels—a fresh bag of Chilean Mussels with cooked in the flavor of your choice; and Stuffed Grilled Squid—mouth-watering squid stuffed with black rice. You’ll want to pair these tasty delights with their fresh selection of signature refreshments: Fresh Pineapple Organic Wheatgrass, Fresh Pineapple Organic Kale, Lychee Organic Kale shake. Doesn’t that make you want to stop whatever you’re doing and call your friends to eat?

Choobi Choobi’s tagline “lingaw lingaw kaon” stands for just that: enjoy a fresh and unique dining experience with great company. It is an invitation to come together and eat well as community is at the heart of any Choobi Choobi meal.

They believe in giving their customers—or Choobi friends as they call them—with a fresh and unique food experience. These two qualities are the pulse of their brand, which their new endorser is the epitome of. She shares many qualities that are in tandem with Choobi Choobi’s. Aside from being a hard-working, yet humble lead in Be My Lady, she has a refreshing and vibrant personality. Like Choobi Choobi, she values her faith and is proud to be Filipino—a great fit for a restaurant that focuses on preparing delicious, quality Filipino comfort food. Choobi Choobi’s new face is none other than Erich Gonzales.

Choobi Choobi has definitely gone a long way from their first branch at Parkmall Cebu. Their flagship store in Metro Manila is located in Panay Avenue, Quezon City and they’ll be opening two new branches at SM City Manila and SM Southmall. Expect friend gatherings this summer at the following stores: Limketkai in Cagayan de Oro, SM City Davao, SM City Bacolod, SM City Iloilo, and SM Seaside Cebu.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends, call your family and come together for a fresh and unique experience at Choobi Choobi!

You can find Choobi Choobi in any of the following areas: Capitol, Mabolo, Mactan Newton, SM NRA, SM Seaside, SM Manila, Panay Avenue Quezon City, SM Ilo-ilo, SM Bacolod, SM Lanang Premiere-Davao, Limketkai CDO and Centrio Ayala Mall.

For immediate concern, please contact
RAVEN RITUAL(0915-7000-450)


Last Friday, March 18, a Dabawenya Star Magic Artist and Be My Lady lead star Erich Gonzales grace the Official Grand Opening of Choobi Choobi here in Davao. It was hosted by KAPAMILYA, WINNER KA! game show host Rovic Ire Cuasito and event was handled by PREP - PR, Events & Promotions lead by Karla Singson.

The opening start with a ribbon cutting, formal dedication and press conference held at Choobi Choobi first Davao branch located at the 2nd floor of SM Lanang Premier near the fountain court.

Mr. Stan Tanchan (owner) and Erich Gonzales
Photo credit to Karla Singson

The Formal Dedication of the Restaurant

Choobi Choobi Staff with Mae Tio (Manager)


Davao Bloggers Photo Op with Erich and Mr. Stan after the Press Conference
Photo credit to Vanessa Mabini



Seafood Barkada Bag PHp560

Grilled Pompano PHp75/100g
The perfect fish for grilling.

Choobi Pata (Large) PHp405
Crispy Pata that is crispy on the outside but soft and juicy in the inside. Try this you will love it! Guaranteed!

Lola Pepang's Fried Manok PHp300
One whole chicken. A family recipe passed on for four generations.

Here are other Menu's you will love from Choobi Choobi:

You can contact Choobi Choobi Seafood Restaurant at any of the following social channels:

A cold afternoon in Davao City, last Saturday: I went early for the Media Food Appreciation, to see the place early and to have a good shot outside the place. Cold wind begun to blow and I was ready to propped my small blanket over my head. I ride a taxi, but decided to stop right in front the old ABS-CBN compound and ride a tricycle just to see the place clearly. I payed PHp10.00 for a ride going to Subli St. Lanzona Subdivision.

We turned onto Subli St., past an empty storefront with many signage's in front. Then I spotted a signage named "KUSINA", I asked the driver if that's already the Kusina sa Subli and he uttered: "Yes, Ma'am". A brief debate followed: "Is it open?", "Is anyone in there?", "How does the place looks like inside?" and "How does the menu looks?".

Kusina sa Subli opened in September of 2014. The owner, Jessica Ongkingco, a young entrepreneur who loves exploring new flavors and a big food lover. At her age, she developed her wit in acquiring things that she get from her family lineage. Aside from this, she managed and owned J2O Purified and Alkaline Water, KSS Mini Convenience Store and Laundry Shop and Residencia de Fernando, a family owned apartelle.

Her restaurant is both casual and meticulous: the kitchen over looks the Al Fresco Dining Area, a tables with umbrellas and a little potted plants.

The lighting is so soft, the way you will imagine that you are in a warm and cozy ambiance, with the sun light just peeking the window.

The place is closed for a while for renovation, but now it is finally opened with added facilities to cater more customers. Here, you can choose for a VIP KTV rooms either have a pool table or a videoke sound system.

Price Range:

  • PHp1,500 (1,000 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 8-10pax.

Videoke Room 1
  • PHp2,000 (1,500 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 10-15pax.

The Billiard/Pool Room
    PHp2,000 consumable  
  • PHp2,500 (2,000 food/drinks consumable + 500 for the rent of room). Good for 15-20pax.

Videoke Room 2

All room rates are for 4 hours use. In excess, they will have an additional charge per hour.

 If you are living in the South, hungry and don't have strong aversion to typical and comfort foods, Kusina sa Subli is the right place to go. Yes, you're right! Kusina (kitchen in English) is a room where food is being prepared and cooked.

Media Practitioners, Food Enthusiast, Food Photo Hobbyists and Food Bloggers gather together to have an exquisite dinner: the grilled tuna and Pakfry, pork adobo, calamares, dynamite roll, chicken wings, chicken with white sauce. We drank Tropical Tea and Lychee Martini.

Photo by: RUDE WORLD

Chef Rowena stood in the kitchen, while Chef Frine answering a lot of questions from us.

I ask Chef Rowena about the interior design of the kitchen, a melodic lift of her voice answered, "It is very important to see their food being made and to see how customers response on the food being served.

As well as with Chef Frine, explaining to us the comparison of his South-side Burger and Chihuawing or Hot Chicken Wings Recipe he made for Kusina. According to him it was an experiment and never expected to have a version of low-southern comfort food cooking to work in Subli. That turns out to be a genuine dish that their customers appreciate it and also now a must try recipe in Kusina.

South-side Burger
PHp 150 comes with Tropical Tea

Tropical Tea

(Hot Chili Chicken Wings)

There's nothing very special about their menu, but what you will savor here is the way they produce an array of dishes that will remind you of home. A traditional way of cooking Grilled Tuna Panga, Tuna Belly and PakFry(Tuna Tail) which is define as a crowd pleaser!

Grilled Tuna Belly
Grilled Tuna Panga
PAKFRY (Fried Paksiw)
New to their menu is the Paella Negra.

Sacrificing the possibility of loving and getting to hold on to our traditions, been a lot of food taste about Paella and everyone can find an inspiration that people will love the oddness of such recipe, loving it to the fact that it's actually good in taste. A must try dish and I am sure your going to love this very exquisite recipe.

Having a restaurant in a Southern part of Davao, delivering Comfort Food Haven is cutting-off the boredom life in a southern sphere, a hidden secret no more at Kusina sa Subli.



That night in Kusina, we finished with a Lychee Martini, a Peanut Roll and a Maja Blanca made by The Royal Chef Eats, who avoids the cliches of having too much of sugars and create a delectable and mildly healthy fun sweetness to our palate.

Lychee Martini
PHp 150

Remember Ratatouille? The movie that connotes explicit idea, that all of us can cook. Well, I agree with it...all of us can cook but we do have different style and approaches in cooking our food.

There are lots of Hybrid restaurant that has become one of the new rules here in Davao City, since there is no leader, no authority, and rules to follow each chef has his/her own way of making his /her own tune.

Now, this is your time to explore Kusina Sa Subli way of delivering comfort food in the south.

Located at Subli St., Lanzona Subdivision (Landmark is the old ABS-CBN Compound) Matina, Davao City.
OPEN: LUNCH HOUR - 10am to 2pm
5:00 PM to 12:00 Midnight
Tel. No. 297-0237

There are so many foreign restaurant that you can try here in Davao City. Invading new taste and adapting the taste of different cultures is what Dabawenyos love to do.

After our session from Ninét (formerly The Naked Truth), the group decided to have a break. We went to this place named SAKURAZAKA a new place which is located at Sumo Asia Hotels compound right after Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku(Mindanao International College) and Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School if you're entering Mamay Road, Damosa, Lanang.

As soon as we arrive, I notice that the place is surrounded almost with Japanese restaurant, though the place was not that classy, it was suddenly filled with Japanese food lovers. Ms. Leebai (The Royal Chef Eats) introduced us to the owner named Citoy Misa. Then after that a young lady wearing red shirt greeted us "Ittadakimasu"(bon appetit) and give us the menu.

Here are some of the menu from SAKURAZAKA:







The staff's are great, very attentive and approachable.

They have  Japanese Chef that makes the food more tasty and authentic.

It's not my first time to eat Japanese food, but for me this restaurant is the best that serves authentic and affordable yet underrated Japanese Cuisine here in Davao City.

I'm going to visit this place again and try their Matcha Ice Cream (curiosity attack).  :)

ADDRESS: Door 6, ROWI SQUARE inside the Sumo Asia compound, Mamay Road, Damosa, Lanang, 8000, Davao City

OPEN: Mon-Sat. >> 11am to 11pm
Sun >> 5pm to 11pm

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