Over the past few years, several cafes have opened it stores with a concept of having a cat's and a dog's inside a cafe premises. Here in Davao City, a first dog cafe let's you eat and drink and cuddle a residential dogs for your to experience (especially those who love dogs but doesn't owned one).

It was a privilege to be invited to attend a blessing and an opening of the City's first dog cafe located at Door 5 Autoville Bldg., F.Torres St. (near DAVCON).

The owner Francie Marie Calderon and Cherry Maning did their research during their travels to different countries with a number of dog and cat cafe's, and made into a business plan to come out with this concept to put a cafe here in Davao City that concerns with dogs and help the other's to be informed how to love and play with furry friends!

That's why - when the owners came to a realization - they decided to open Mindanao's first and only dog cafe.

Team Davao Digital Influencers with their furry friends.
Since the first week of April, Pawsome Dog Cafe  held a soft opening for invited guests only.

Me & Scarlet

 And visitors had the chance to enter at their leisure and have a good time chill with a group of residential dogs.

And during the Grand Opening invited guests from Davao Media,Bloggers/Influencers and Vloggers had the chance to experience and see the happier environment wherein you will see the dogs in their true light and at the same time enjoying the food and beverages.







Hanging out with adorable dogs while eating their sumptuous food or avail their drinks and get to bond with their dogs at the DOG HOUSE.

The experience was good, that's why I decided to go back and celebrate my 41st birthday together with my two tweens here at the Pawsome Dog Cafe. We were warmly accommodated when we arrived and I decided to go with the PHp190 drinks for a Dog House Entree where you'd get an hour and half playtime with their dogs (too bad, my daughters doesn't like to play with them). But what they enjoy is the food I choose for them.


ROSEMARY PORKCHOP - PHp180 served with plain rice

ROSEMARY PORKCHOP - PHp180 served with java rice
***Main Course have one choice of garlic rice, plain rice, java rice, mashed potato or French fries.

For their drinks they have Wintermelon Milk Tea and Orange Juice.

Pawsome Dog Cafe provides a venue of relaxation for guests who love dogs so much! And a little bit of twist to a unique cafe experience.

 The Pawsome Dog Cafe residents dogs, providing them with utmost love and care.

Visit Pawsome Dog Cafe now!

Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE @pawsomedogcafe
INSTAGRAM @pawsomedogcafeph


And finally Pawsome Dog Cafe offers PAWSOME PUPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE, a cream cheese liver cake for your furbaby's big day! This cake is only PHp550.

Accept pre-order only at least 2 days ahead and claim it at the Pawsome Dog Cafe.

Watch video here!

Everything is Pawsome!!!!
It's common to see restaurants that offers a FARM-TO-TABLE menus, maybe because people nowadays are more health-conscious than they used to be. They are more aware that good health is more important above the wealth. One restaurant is taking this concept to a whole new level, having a location inside a mall and near to people who are living into healthy lifestyle.

It's a pleasure and privilege to be invited to a "salad" tasting. The tasting was held at Huni Farm (formerly Balik Bukid sa Wangan) located at Calinan, Davao City. Upon arrival guests are welcome by the staff and owner of Huni Farm, Gem Farm and La Fermette. All are busy preparing the salad for a unique-tasting and the French croque en bouche filled with custard French cream for appetizer.

We had a short tour around the farm, sharing to us the reason for this small gathering. Discussing the good things about ORGANIC FARMING, that the inspiration of having to open a store that promotes organic food to the consumers is to let the people know about the importance of having a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit that will result in an overall feeling of well-being.

In recent years, eating habits gradually change. People are encourage to eat less fat and more on fibers! Today, you can see a lot of high fiber and low fat products that can be found at health concept stores and supermarkets. The fashion for health food is growing all the time, but are you sure with what you eat even if they say they are all healthy and organics?


What is organic food ala Balay Verde concept? From the fields they harvest the crops needed for today's menu meaning they only cook what is available in the farm. They don't use fertilizers to grow plants and they don't use grower pellets to feed their chicken and pigs - that is NATURE FARMING!

Take care of the soil and you will have a good crop. And to have an imitation of the forest!

Huni Farm, Gem Farm and La Fermette went to brainstorming for a month to come up with eight (8) different salad menu for Balay Verde and we as their guests will do the salad tasting and make our comments and suggestion to finalize everything they want to know about their salads that is inspired from everyone's healthy lifestyle - the low carbs and rich with high protein, plus the refreshing drink that appeals to both kids and adults and an appetizer that is so delicious.

Balay Verde menu is a way for people to connect to the food they eat.

Definitely the most important in any celebration is food. Everyone enjoyed the food serve for lunch! First they serve us their eight SALAD BOWL MENU for tasting.


Lettuce, Salted Egg, White Cheese, Smoke Fish, and Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette 


Lettuce, Aragula, Tomato, Black Olives, Seared Beef, Camembert Cheese and Bearnaise Dressing 


Kale, Cabbage, Bell Pepper, Pink Raddish, Cucumber, Quinoa, Corn Kernel, Avocado, Red Onion, Almond-Ginger Dressing  


Lettuce, Carrots, Golden raisins, Seared Chicken, Cucumber, Roselle, White Cheese and Mayonnaise-Celery Dressing


Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrots, White Beans, Corn Kernel, Tomato, Pink Radish, Avocado, Bell Pepper, White Cheese, Coriander, Seared Fish, Honey-Lime Dressing


Lettuce, Mongo & Alfalfa Sprout, Pink Radish, Sesame Seeds, Cucumber, Tuna Steak, Edamame, and Wasabi Vinaigrette


Lettuce, Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, Cauliflower, Mongo & Alfalfa Sprout, Roselle, Avocado, Coriander Fresh Chili, White Cheese, Almond & Cashew Nuts, and Lime Vinaigrette


Lettuce, Carrots, Dried Shrimp, Green Onion, Cucumber, Pickled mangoes, Caramelized pork, Mint Leaves, and Sambal Belacan Dressing

When you order these salads, you're getting your very own farm-at-table experience. It may sounds redundant, but these beautifully vibrant dishes from Balay Verde are actually quite tasty.

For me, I will call these salads "the freshest salad I've ever tasted", it gives you the complete nutritional bang by letting you eat what they harvest. As I have said awhile ago, their menu will vary depending on what comes in from the restaurant's own farm.

They will also serve other viands the likes of Sinigang sa Bayabas and Adobong Manok.

They will also give you a not so sugar overload dessert, as they use organic products to their bread, pies, pastries and pasties. And healthy drinks that will compliment your meals. 

French petit choux a la creme patissiere (French cream puff)
served with homemade herbed tea with blueternate flower.
The day at Huni Farm will not be as fun as abundant as we get the chance to harvest our own vegetables to take home.

I'm so excited with this project from Huni Farm, Gem Farm and La Fermette. Balay Verde is more than a restaurant, this is the place to grab a lunch or dinner after a hard day work-out from a gym, or just to linger a delicious meal together with family, friends or business associates. A small meet up to a place that celebrates life wellness. A place to renew, refresh and enjoy life to the fullest!

I believe to the creation of dish needs love and honest source of ingredients, and that is to give your consumers the 100% organic food that is: FRESH, HEALTHY, DELICIOUS with NO PRESERVATIVES and FATS! 

2nd flr. Corporate Center
Abreeza Mall Davao City
FACEBOOK: @balayverdeph
INSTAGRAM: @balayverde_dvo
E-mail: balayverdeph@gmail.com


Blue Post Boiling Crabs & Shrimps does it again! It started as a small branch along JP Laurel Avenue just beside Davao Water District, SM Lanang Premier and now continue to grow both inside Davao as they open their 3rd branch at SM City Ecoland Davao and out to the Metro, expanding its soon-to-open branches namely in SM Mall of Asia ( just open last January 23, 2017), SM Megamall, O-Square Greenhills Shopping Center and Seascape Manila.

I am a huge fan of Blue Post, sadly I never had the chance to write a post about it when I first visited the place, but still I have my old photos from their first branch. I keep it for self keeping. C'est la vie! :)

This is after our event at Acropolis Disco when we have our thanksgiving party.

A home-grown Davao brand, and I am very proud that Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps (BPBCS), continues to win the hearts of not just Dabawenyos but also every Filipino. #ProudDavao

Media Launching and Opening of Blue Posts Crabs & Shrimps at SM City Branch

Originally, BPBCS envisioned to be a bar by a group of college friends and not just your typical restaurant or a go-to seafood restaurant in Davao. It was when couple and owner Anthony and Jennifer Ang were travelling the west coast of USA and found themselves in the famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, California that BPBCS had to give a new and improve form of services to their customers. Having an idea that a growing market for casual-dining seafood restaurants is so "click" in a sense of giving out services and to make their customers having that feel-at-home ambiance that they can be messy with a finger-licking kind of dining just like at home doing "kamay-kainan".

Prepare for your convenient: A  crab mallet, claw cracker, water for washing hands, wet tissue and a bib

That's why they encourage diners to use their hands while dining to get that fulfilling fun and messy eating adventure. Don't worry a food-grade wax paper is set before you and a Blue Posts bib - the messier you got with every bite, the better your dining experience becomes.

And Messy-eating was born plus after you dine, you can write on the walls of the restaurant.

Diners can choose from a wide roster of seafood placed in a boiling bag mixed with their signature Blue Posts Cajun Special Sauce with adjustable heat factors (regular, mild, or spicy hot), all of these are guaranteed fresh - exactly from SEA TO TABLE!

  • CRABS IN SALTED EGG - a fresh catch coated in a very special Blue Posts batter and garlic fried to perfection added with cubes of salted egg, offers a distinct notes between the salted egg and nutty garlic without changing the taste of the crabs.

(Price vary based on market rates)

  • Boil Shrimps - served with sausages, corn cobs and potatoes.

    This is my favorite! Another winner from their selection, what I like about this dish is, very rich in spicy sauce and the garlic bits adding flavors without compromising the fresh and clean notes of the shrimps. For me it's PERFECT to my palette! 

Boil Shrimps
Alongside these freshly caught dishes are the #ProudlyDavao dishes such as Native Chicken, Sinuglaw with Green Apples and Pomelo Salad.


POMELO SALAD with shrimps as toppings
Also added to their menu are:

  • CRAB TURNOVERS - a crab meat filled turnover pie crust crab appetizer.


  • SPICY GUMBO SOUP - Blue Posts signature Gumbo. a thick and hearty Cajun-inspired soup loaded with fresh seafoods and vegetables with layer of soothing spicy heat from rich blend of spices. 


  • GARLIC PORK RIBLETS - tender pork ribs marinated in native vinegar, salt, fresh-ground pepper and sauteed in fresh butter with lots of a garlic. One of my fave! Superb taste! 

  • KAMOTE FRIES - the crisp deep-fried sweet potatoes.


  • CRAB & SHRIMP ROLLS - Great seafood doesn't need a lot, but for this rolls you gonna need it! With crabs, shrimps added with vege super yummy!

BPBCS partnered with Nestle that's why soft drinks is not available. They came up with an all-you-can-drink Mixology Bar that compliments well with the delightful flavors of Blue Posts Crabs and Shrimps dishes.

The Mixology Bar has six flavors that you can mix up and concort your own blend and repeat.,this personalized way of drinking is exclusively available at BPBCS branches.

BPBCS is now open at SM City Ecoland-Annex

Photos during the Media Launching...

The fun and surprises doesn't stop there, as they invite us again for the VIP Launch in the afternoon. As they say, there so much crabs to crack!

Preparing to feed all their VIP guests with over 350 kilos of fresh crabs and hundreds more kilos of shrimps!

Photos during the VIP Launching...

They also launch their BUCKET LISTERS LOYALTY PROGRAM, it's a loyalty reward card where in they want to give back to their loyal customers both in Davao and Manila. This is to create an avenue to encourage new users to experience fun, messy, and high quality sea to table seafood dining experience that Blue Posts Boiling Crabs & Shrimps can offer.

BPBCS from their small beginning in Davao as a bar to a now full-grown restaurant chain that brings sea to table freshness in the Philippines, the journey to continue to expressed and evolve their menu while retaining the core of their signature dishes, that everyone will love and to become something worth watching!

For more information, visit BPBCS Facebook Page